Magic Money Saving Tricks and Ideas

I’ve heard all kinds of money saving tricks, some worth pennies and others that can save thousands a month. Get good at saving money and it can seem like magic to your budget.

Today’s essay is by Leah Noel VanProoven, a student at the University of Arizona in Biochemistry. She shares how one money lesson when she was young turned into some money saving magic as she got older.

How I Turned a Lesson into a Magic Money Saving Lifestyle

Grandma taught me how to balance my checkbook and keep track of expenses, shop for the best deals, use coupons as well as special promotions and discounts.

A Few Money Saving Magic Tricks of My Own

In the meantime, because of the financial education I received at home, I've learned a few wise money tricks of my own, and I've even been able to teach Grandma a thing or two!

Using Money Saving Apps for Big Savings

I use the Walmart savings catcher app.  After each shopping trip, I scan my receipt into the savings catcher app. 

Several days later, I receive a message telling me that they compared my purchases with other store prices and they give me a refund of the difference!  

Magic Store Cards for Disappearing Prices

I always carry various store cards that automatically give me the advertised cheaper price for loyal customers. Some stores have cards that automatically keep track of your purchases and then reward you with free merchandise.

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