The Money Lessons that Made Me Grow Up

Teaching kids about money and how to be financially responsible doesn’t have to come as a sit-down family conversation. 

Sometimes the best ways to prepare your kids to be financial adults is with the little money tricks you teach them.  

These money tricks can be as simple as how to budget for savings or how to automate a monthly deposit into an investing account.

How My Parents Taught Me to Grow Up

When I first told my parents that I was looking for a job their response was, “That’s great! You can get a jumpstart on saving for college, you’re so responsible.”

Slowly, but surely, I saw my savings account grow and grow and suddenly after working at my job for six months I decided to start saving fifty dollars from every paycheck. 

My Money Discipline Starts Paying Off

A year and a half later, I had over a thousand saved up for college and was able to finance a car all on my own. None of this would have been possible if my parents never made me start saving for my future.

Don’t Forget to Pay Yourself

One tip that I have stuck by, that my father taught me, was to give myself $15 dollars every day. That meant I could buy lunch every day and still save a decent amount from my check.

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