Top 10 Investing and Making Money Questions

You asked and they answered! The experts share their responses to your investing and making money questions.

I reached out to some of the best personal finance bloggers I met at the FinCon financial bloggers conference last month to get their responses to your most common money questions. 

While many of the questions are similar, the responses are completely unique and a great way to get different perspectives on these key concepts in personal finance.

Most Common Money Questions: Investing

I have a passion for talking about putting your money to work but the most common question I get is also the most important, “How do I get started investing?” 

My most common response is directing them to look at their goals and to allow that to begin to dictate how and where they should invest. 

I get asked all the time how to start investing. It's a big scary topic that intimidates a lot of people, and honestly I think many people just assume they're not ready for it. 

Matt Becker, Mom and Dad Money 

For the first decade or so your savings rate matters MUCH more than your rate of return, so you really don't even need to worry about all the big scary decisions around how to actually invest. 

I'm interested in building passive income but I don't know how to start. Passive income is the money you make from the seeds you plant today.  

Paula Pant, Afford Anything

In the beginning, you’re likely to see very little income from a lot of passive income investments and even more likely to spend a lot of time putting them together. Over time, the amount of work involved will decrease and the amount of money will increase.

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