NetCredit Review: Legitimate Loans for People with Bad Credit

NetCredit offers flexible payment options to bad credit borrowers when other lenders close the door.

Some borrowers might not be able to qualify for a peer loan. Peer lenders have tightened their credit score requirements over the last year, locking some bad credit borrowers out.

NetCredit is a relatively new online lending company but has filled a huge gap left between cash advances and peer loans.

What is NetCredit Loans?

NetCredit specializes in lending money to people with bad credit, those with credit scores too low for peer loans or traditional bank loans.

How Does Net Credit Work for People with Bad Credit?

NetCredit offers unsecured personal loans with a completely online process. Borrowers are assigned to one of three credit categories depending on their FICO score and credit history.

What are the Requirements for NetCredit Credit Score and Rates?

 The NetCredit credit score requirement is as low as 550 FICO which is well below the 620 cutoff for subprime loans.

What are the Requirements for NetCredit Credit Score and Rates?

Rates on NetCredit vary quite a bit depending on your credit score, the amount you borrow, your income and the state in which you live. These rates generally range from 35% to as high as 150% APR.

NetCredit Loan Application Process

The NetCredit application is completely online and takes less than two minutes. NetCredit does a soft-pull on your credit which means it won’t hurt your credit score to check your rate.

NetCredit Loan Application Process

You start by creating an account and answer a few questions about your income and the money you need.

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