How Do Parents Teach about Money When They Weren’t Taught

 Kids need to be taught how to handle money, how to budget, save and invest. That’s not done in schools so it falls on parents to start the financial conversations.

But most parents weren’t taught themselves how to handle money so it should be no surprise when they forget to teach their own kids.

Did my parents teach me about money?

My parents, unfortunately, did not teach me the best practices about personal finances. In fact, they “taught” quite the opposite.

My dad wanted to work hard so he could enjoy life later. My mother wanted to spend now because her thinking is you can’t take money with you to the grave.

Parents with Different Money Mindsets

We Become our Parents’ Money Habits

Seeing my parents’ money habits also taught me that if I have a partner, it is imperative that we work together and are on the same page especially with money!

I learned that money and matters of money are habits that need to be taught and learned. My parents did the best with what they got, because they were not taught either.

Poor Money Lessons are Still Lessons

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