The Powerful Lesson My Parents Taught Me about Spending

One thing I’ve learned is that it’s not how much you make but how you spend it.

No matter how much you make, your spending habits will mean the difference between living well and barely livin’.

It’s Not What You Make But How You Spend It

Mr. Jaffe had an excellent point that many fail to remember- many times it is people’s spending habits that get them in to trouble over anything else.

Another technique my parents taught me to maintain financial responsibility was to always leave a financial cushion in the bank account and pretend as though it is not there.

The Importance of an Emergency Fund

Taking My Financial Lessons Back to School

Making the decision to quit working for one of the largest fortune 500 companies to go back to school to receive my Masters Degree in School Counseling was a very difficult choice.

Having always practiced financially responsible decisions, it was going against my nature to go back to school where I knew I would have to pay for the entire education myself. However, I also knew that I had to follow my heart.

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