How to Be Proactive with Your Personal Finances

We talk a lot about saving and stretching a paycheck on the blog but hard work and being proactive can make the need to penny-pinch a thing of the past.

One reader (Ivetka O’Malley ) shares how she learned to be proactive with her personal finance needs.

BE Aggressive, B-E Aggressive…to Make More Money

Putting forth the extra effort and helping to improve the overall workflow of a group helps to establish good work ethic and proper personal finance. 

She explained to me that by working a few extra hours of overtime each week, she was able to increase her weekly earnings; which in turn translated to a higher annual income. 

BE Aggressive, B-E Aggressive…to Make More Money

Being Proactive to Earn Extra Money

Helping my younger brother with his chores, or offering to wash the car, or washing the dog were all forms of overtime work that I could pick-up and earn a greater allowance from.  

Taking My Work Ethic to Work

The lessons of being proactive and aggressive in work that I learned as a young teen, I have used to help ensure that as an adult, my income coming in always exceeds my expenses going out.

Taking My Work Ethic to Work

My work ethic was noticed by my bosses. I moved up quickly into management and with the promotion, I received a greater income.

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