My $77,500 Reasons You Really Need a Budget

Not having a budget is like planning a vacation and getting in your car but not knowing where you're going. You'll drive aimlessly for hours and ultimately run out of gas by the side of the road.

See how a budget helped me pay off almost $80,000 in debt, ditch the job I hated and how you can create a budget that works in less than half an hour.

How a Budget Helped Me Pay Off $77,500

Budgeting was the reason I could repay $77,500 of consumer debt in five years. Not having a budget would have meant an extra five years of monthly payments and missing out on the financial freedom I enjoy today. 

Not having a budget doesn’t automatically mean you will go into debt. The odds are significantly higher, but non-budgeters budget without knowing it. 

Even Non-Budgeters Have a Budget

Think about it this way, if your only financial goal is spending less than you earn each month and not going into debt, you have a budget. 

Even Non-Budgeters Have a Budget

Making a Budget Only Takes 20 Minutes

Whether you use a budgeting worksheet or an online program, all you have to do is add up how much you earn and where you spend your money. 

Making a Budget Only Takes 20 Minutes

Break down your spending into different categories like food, housing, insurance, gas, and entertainment. Include every-single-expense. 

Budgeting Helps You Plan Your Financial Goals

One reason why so many New Year’s Resolutions fail is that people have a goal, but don't have a plan to accomplish that goal. Budgeting is essential to accomplishing your financial goals.

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