Saving Big Money with Homemade Cleaning Creations 

Sometimes people will ask me if I really save money cleaning by using household items instead of just going out and buying the pre-made store products.

So is it worth it to make your own homemade cleaning products and do you really save that much money? Absolutely, Without a Doubt, Unquestionably and…YES!

From necessity to saving money cleaning

I began to clean with homemade creations years ago when out of necessity. Finances are tight with any new family and I found that the cheap store cleaners were so weak I had to use twice as much and a lot of elbow grease.

Looking into some of the homemade cleaning alternatives, I found that I could save a ton of money, get the house cleaner than it ever was and take care of my family’s health – all with the one proverbial stone.

My favorite homemade cleaning creations to save money cleaning

One of my favorite ways to save money cleaning is by using aluminum foil instead of dryer sheets. 

I tear off three pieces of foil and crumple one into a little ball, shiny side out. I then crumple another sheet around it, again shiny side out, and then repeat with the last sheet.

Another trick I have used over the years is citrus peels; oranges, lemons and limes. Do not throw these away – anymore than you would throw a dollar into the trash can. Put them in your blender so they are chopped up well.

Put it in a pint jar and fill the jar with vinegar. Put the lid on nice and tight and leave for a few weeks. Give it a good shake every few days to mix up the peelings and vinegar.

As with a lot of ways to save money and live frugally, you are not going to be going to Tahiti on the money you save by making homemade cleaning creations but it does save money cleaning every week.

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