How Saving Half My Paychecks is Paying for College

The idea of spending less than you make and putting some away is the core of your financial success.

One reader shares how her parents taught her to save half her paycheck and how it became a life-long financial lesson.

Half For You, Half For the Bank

I had to do chores and then I would receive money in return. When I earned money, I had two separate piggy banks, one for me, and one for this red brick building called the bank. 

Counting My Money and Learning about Savings

Before our visits to the bank, my parents and I would sit on the floor and count the coins, so that we had a dollar amount of how much money I would be putting into my savings account.

More Money Equals More to Save

Now that I am about to graduate high school, this half for me, and half for the bank operation finally makes sense. After all these years of saving, I have saved some money to go towards my college expenses. 

More Money Equals More to Save

While this amount will not even come close to paying for college, it will be able to allow me to spend an allowance on my monthly activities at school. 

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