The Secret to Find Cheap Flights for your Vacation

 First I looked through the various cheap flights being offered. They just weren't cheap enough. I knew what I wanted to spend and they weren't even close. So I searched a little for “find cheap flights” and a whole new world of frugal travel opened up.

Airlines want you to travel but they don’t want you to travel for free. The secret to find cheap flights is all about knowing when to book your flight and how to do it!

Vacations can get expensive with hotel, food and admissions. Check out these secrets to find cheap flights and take the frugal vacation of your dreams.

When to find cheap flights

Timing is everything for finding cheap flights. Plan on starting your search no later than two or three months before you want to travel. That way you can find cheap flights by being flexible on when you end up going.

The best days to find cheap flights are usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, while the busiest days are Sunday and Friday. Try to look online Tuesday after 3pm eastern time for some really good deals.

How to find cheap flights 

Leading up to the month or two before I want to travel, I always sign up for as many airline travel sites as I can. They will send you alerts for deals coming available called “Flash Sales”.

If you plan on flying a lot, consider getting a credit card with an air miles reward. These cards will give you a certain amount of “miles” for every dollar you spend and airfare charged on the card might get bonus miles.

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