Should You Marry Someone Bad with Money?

Is it wrong to marry for money? Four crucial questions to ask before marrying someone bad with money.

There’s an emotional connection of money with safety and security that makes money issues a bigger problem than most people realize.

Think Twice about Marrying Someone Bad with Money

Every couple should ask these money questions before getting married.

4 Critical Money Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

Would you or your partner be willing to support the other if their earnings fell considerably, maybe while they go back to school for a better job?

1) Who earns the most money in the relationship?

Even more than how much you each make, you need to be on the same page when it comes to spending.

2) Who spends the most money and on what?

Do you both perceive credit and borrowing in the same way?

3) What is each persons’ attitude on using credit?

Years after they’re married and they realize their goals might not be possible, that’s when the money arguments start.

4) What are both partners’ long-term financial goals?