3 Simple Money Steps My Parents Taught Me

Good financial habits and financial health can be as simple as thinking before you spend, avoiding waste and using every resource.

 Most of the best money advice can often be summed up in a few simple steps you can use to teach your kids for a lifetime of financial health.

The Valuable Money Lessons My Parents Taught Me

From the hand-me-downs to making sure to turn off the light when leaving the room, my parents have always distilled on me, not only the idea of saving money, but spending money wisely.

Three Steps to Managing Money in Life

Today, I have managed to summarize the lessons my parents taught me into three simple steps that guarantee a better and more prosperous future for me, unimaginable to what I have right now. 

Saving Money Simply by Not Wasting It

According to my parents, simple guidelines such as making sure to eat everything on your plate, or turning off the faucet when you were brushing your teeth would go a long way when it came time to paying the bills. 

Saving Money Simply by Not Wasting It

 Apart from helping you save money, being conscious of everything you own will make you that much more resourceful, which is an extremely valuable life skill to have.

The Payoff from Good Financial Habits

When you work hard for things, you tend to appreciate them much more. I study harder knowing that I’m paying for school, and I spend less money on things I don’t need when I know my paycheck means spending hours at work.

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