Veterans Win the War on Small Business Loans

StreetShares brings new opportunities to veterans with an innovative approach to peer lending and small business loans.

While many lending sites are settling into one of a few business models, StreetShares is offering a unique concept focusing on small business loans for veterans.

Mark began his career as a military officer and a federal prosecutor. After working on a pro bono micro-finance project in Africa, he joined a global financial securities law firm before founding StreetShares in 2013.

Addressing the problem in veteran small business loans, combined with a unique way of setting interest rates, could make StreetShares a strong contender for my favorite peer lending platform.

Mark: Right now, borrowers have two options. They can go to a big bank, where the interest rate is the lowest because the cost of capital is the lowest. The problem is that it is tough for banks to lend below $150,000 because of costs. 

Small business loans for veterans are the platform's target audience and what that allows us to do is there is an additional connection between the investors and the borrowers. 

Lending Club is a good alternative for borrowers that don't qualify on StreetShares. Lending Club is the world's largest p2p network and offers small business loans up to $350,000, depending on your annual sales.

How has growth in peer lending and small business loans affected borrowers?

Several small business lenders are popping up all over the place. The choice is usually a good thing for consumers.

But in this case, it's leading to a lot of confusion because there is no standard way that small business lenders communicate rates. StreetShares helps borrowers navigate it all with our guide to understanding business loan rates. 

 We can't change how other lenders present their rates, but we can at least help borrowers know what they're saying. Until the industry becomes more transparent, we'll keep giving borrowers tools to make better-informed decisions.

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