Stop Wasting Time: 8 Time Saving Tips that Work

Talking about ways to save time isn’t so far off topic for a personal finance blog. They say time is money so the best way to make extra money may be to make extra time. 

While you can’t physically make time, we can all find a little more time by cutting back on wasting time and spending it a little more wisely.

Time is money so stop wasting your time and money with these eight time saving tips.

Time Saving Tips to Stop Wasting Time

Some of the time saving tips here might be fairly easy while others…won’t be so easy.  Stick with it. Any time saving program is going to take between eight to 12 weeks to really do any good.  

Turn off your cell phone when you’re trying to get something done. Is it really that big a deal that you are unreachable for a couple of hours?

Set yourself on a strict TV schedule. Pick one or two shows that you really enjoy and cut out the rest. No more wasting time watching reruns!

    Set your morning alarm clock across the room so you have to get up when it sounds.

How often do you check email, social media and other sites that really don’t need to be checked more than a couple times a day? Write out a schedule on a piece of paper for when you can check these sites.

Replace your quantity time with the family to quality time. Time spent in front of the TV doesn’t really count for much. Plan an activity you can all do together. You’ll create a stronger bond together in less time.

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