The Secret to Surviving Money in Relationship

Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce and money is the number one reason couples say they argue. 

It’s not only when our money problems get to this point. Money can be a constant stress on our relationships whether it’s those romantic relationships or with our friends.

Learn how to start the money conversation and turn your relationship money problems into opportunities for growth.

Identify the Type of Debt

One of the ways that money affects our relationships is when you have two competing values when you come together in a relationship. The classic spender and saver problem. 

One of the things I always really advocate is having conversations about life goals because at the end of the day your money is to help you enhance every aspect of your life. 

How to Start the Money Conversation in a Relationship

Assess whether the deceased had insurance. If it included paying down part of their loans, then proceed to file a claim with the insurance company. 

Determine Whether the Deceased Had Insurance

How Does Money Affect Our Friendships?

Some people love to spend money and then you feel like you have to do the same. Something that I’ve experienced in the past were my friends have really expensive dining habits. 

Now I'm not saying the other person is wrong for spending that money, that's their choice. But I also have a choice in which I want spend my money as well. It's like competing values and those are the ways that friendships can be ruined.

How Can You Stop Money from Being a Problem in Your Relationship?

First is look at the numbers. Not only look at the numbers but what times you overspend. You’ll end up seeing a pattern that can tell you a lot about why you spend.

Also understand how you feel when you’re around your partner because that is going to be important to understand they are more important than the money.

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