Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility and the Power of Saving

Taking financial responsibility for our actions and practicing good money habits is something may people never learn. 

 It’s tough changing the spending habits we’ve learned over decades which makes teaching your kids early one of the most important things you can do as a parent.

The Power of Saving and Financial Stability

 I was a little boy and received one or two dollars weekly to spend, I would save up the money just in case of an emergency and my parents ever needed the money for something more important.

Learning Financial Responsibility and Saving

I remember when I received my first cellular phone, I was very excited. However, this luxury came at a price; the monthly bills started to become a burden for my parents little by little. 

Learning Financial Responsibility and Saving

For this reason, I decided to accept responsibility and take action to help my parents with the monthly bills. 

Starting with the Basics and Creating a Financial Plan

As I began to attend college, my parents also encouraged me to have some sort of budgeting system so I managed my money well and did not have to stress out about it.

Starting with the Basics and Creating a Financial Plan

Learning my lesson after the semester of college where I did no budgeting, I urged them to help me create a plan so I could be more organized with my money.

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