Things to Consider Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

Know some of the most important things to consider before investing in cryptocurrency.

There are things you need to consider before investing in cryptocurrency. First things first, cryptocurrencies are currencies just like your local currency.

What is Cryptocurrency and What Makes it So Unique?

With over 1,000 coins out there today, new ones are constantly popping up which means the competition is starting to get stiff. 

What You Should Know About Crypto Exchange

When choosing an exchange, make sure that they're trustworthy and reputable to avoid any theft or scams using your information.

What is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)?

A decentralized crypto currency exchange tends to differ from the regular exchange market since it's completely open source.

How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency

By joining a faucet site you can collect satoshis for free, satoshi is the smallest unit when it comes to Bitcoin which equals 0.00000001 BTC.

Read Cryptocurrency White Papers for the Future

To avoid being scammed out of your money, always read white papers for any cryptocurrency you're interested in. 

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