Travel Hacking Tips for the Frugal Traveler

Taking that next vacation doesn’t have to break your budget.

Follow these travel hacking tips for the frugal traveler for travel on the cheap.

Travel Hacking Where to Go and How to Get There

Travel hacking may mean going off the normal tourist’s path when it comes to picking your destination. There are some great travel hacking destinations right in your own backyard also.

When you’re searching the internet for deals and flights, make sure you use private browsing. A lot of sites will follow your visits, raising the price of tickets you see because you’ve already been to the website.

It’s a little more work but make sure you check the websites for a few airlines as well as the online travel sites. The flights and deals offered on sites like Priceline and Travelocity are only there because airlines opted to be included in the listing.

If you’re up to sharing like you’re back in college, hostels can be some of the most frugal traveling you’ll ever do. Hostels range from communal living space for backpackers to pretty high-end private rooms.

Travel Hacking Where to Stay

Airbnb is becoming a go-to source for inexpensive accommodations for just about any destination. The site offers deals in over 190 countries and I regularly find stays for less than $40 a night in most cities.

Both the AAA and the AARP offer discounts on car rentals, vacation packages and hotels. It took a while to get comfortable flashing my AARP card everywhere but it saves me a lot of money.

Travel Hacking on the Road

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