5 Ways to Find Free Money around the House

What if I could show you how to “find free money” around your home that you didn’t even know about? 

We all love finding free money and you won’t believe how fast these five ways add up.

Set appliances for energy efficiency

If you have an older appliance that is no longer working well, replacing them could allow you to cut costs at home by reducing the amount of energy they use. 

Switch your energy provider

By switching to a more affordable provider, you can cut costs at home while still receiving the same amount of service. 

Consider energy efficient appliances

Energy efficient appliances are the next step in cutting costs at home. Some larger appliances like refrigerators can use up to a third of your total power consumption, making them a prime candidate for efficiency updates.

Wash only full load

By washing only when they have a full load of clothes, you can cut costs at home drastically by reducing the amount of times per week that they need to be run.  

Turn appliances off when not in use

By turning your television, dishwasher, and other commonly used appliances off if they are not in use, you can save yourself quite a bit of money on your utility bill each month. 

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