5 Best Websites for Cheap Wedding Loans

There are few times in life you’ll remember as often as your wedding day. My wife and I had a beautiful wedding but we definitely kept it to a budget wedding. I still regret not spending a little more on our wedding. 

You don’t have to settle on a budget wedding. Use these websites for wedding loans for your special day.

Do You Need a Wedding Loan?

You can easily put together a great wedding on $10,000 or less. There’s nothing wrong with spending a little money on a day you’ll remember forever.

How Do Wedding Loans Work?

Personal loans are unsecured, meaning you don’t put up any collateral like your home or car, and you can use the money for whatever you choose.

When Do You Need a Wedding Loan?

While weddings are indeed memorable, they can also be expensive—and if your dreams exceed your budget, you may be tempted to borrow money for the occasion. 

Can I Finance a Wedding Dress?

Since it’s a personal loan, you can spend the money on whatever you like whether it’s financing a wedding dress or other expenses.

How to Get the Best Rate on Your Wedding Loan

The idea is to start working on your credit score as soon as you get engaged. 1. Check your three credit reports and FICO score to see where you stand.

How to Get the Best Rate on Your Wedding Loan

2. Ask to get your credit limit increased as well. This decreases your credit utilization ratio and looks better to new lenders. 3. Don’t apply for any new loans or credit at least six months before you apply for your loan.

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