What is Compound Interest Investment? [How to Get Rich on Any Income]

How does a housekeeper save hundreds of thousands on almost no income? What’s the investment that will grow your money whether you’re starting with $10 or $10,000?

How to use compound interest investing to retire rich.

You CAN get rich on any income and THAT’S the power of compound interest investing.

The Real Power of Compound Interest!

What is Compound Interest?

Compound interest is just your money times an interest rate and how long you let it grow.

How Do I Get Compound Interest?

You get compound interest in any investment or account that pays a return and you leave the money in your account to grow.

Best Compound Interest Investments

You can invest in individual bonds or go with my favorite, get thousands of individual bonds with one fund like this iShares High Yield Corporate Bond ETF, ticker HYG.

Dividend Stocks for Compound Interest

The Schwab US Dividend ETF, ticker SCHD, pays a 2.9% yield and charges one of the lowest expense ratios you’ll see at just 0.06% a year.

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