11 Products That Only Gullible People Would Pay For

Have you ever stopped in your tracks and asked yourself, “Who would buy a product like this?” You’re not the only one. Some products are overpriced and overrated even though they make no sense to the rest of us. 

Do you have some products in mind that only gullible people would be willing to pay for? Check out this list.

1. Palm reading

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Palmistry is a pseudoscience that is used to tell about a person’s life; it's even used to predict some events, such as good or bad luck related to the future. While it may sound like an utter lie, there are actually many people who practice and believe it—some are even willing to pay for a reading.

One person shared, “Some buddies and I stumbled in a palm reading place one night thinking it was a bar. The chain-smoking woman who appears gets really touchy with Tim (the drunkest of us) and states that a basic reading is $350. When we all scoffed and started to leave she immediately dropped her price…to $10.”

The second person also shared their experience, “I did palm readings in high school as a party trick and would charge for it. It’s basically using context clues to get people to trust you then throwing out whatever you want as their ‘future.' It was such a fun scam.”

2. Timeshares

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Timeshares work like a shared ownership model with vacation properties. In a normal timeshare, you split the cost of the property with other buyers in exchange for a right of access to the property yearly.

“I had just moved to Phoenix from Canada late ‘99. Wife found a Timeshare presentation that offered box seat tickets for a Redwings/Coyotes game for attending. The pressure sales tactics were insane! Balloons popping when some idiot bought into the scam, mocked for not buying on the spot and wanting to review terms on my own time, etc. Played along, got the tickets and had a great time at the game with all kinds of comps,” one person said.

3. Healing crystals

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Healing crystals are frequently sold alongside incense or other decorative items. These kinds of crystals are believed to have healing power by blocking or absorbing negative energies.

One person said, “Some girl trying to get into Disney Land during a high-school trip got those confiscated cause they thought they were drugs. It was hilarious.”

4. Male enlargement products

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Although male enlargement products are hardly believable, many men buy them. The thought of having a huge thing underneath by taking a few pills from the “experts” surely makes one even more gullible.

One person stated, “I feel they are marketed more for desperate people rather than stupid people.”

5. Payday loans, title loans, reverse mortgages, and other financial products

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Everyone dreams of being financially well-off, with debts paid, enough money to spend, and some insurance covering the cost.

One person shared, “Basically any financial product with an APR above 29.99%, as that is the legal limit for credit cards, which unlike the others named above are marketed to both stupid and non-stupid people, and require at least semi decent credit history for approval.”

6. Psychic hotline

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“This one for sure. I have a friend who is no dummy, but she believes some weird stuff (burn sage in the house for evil spirits, etc.) She calls a certain ‘psychic' from time to time and says how much that person seems to know. The ‘psychic' hotline has her full name, number, etc., and my friend is a constant poster on Facebook on just about everything in her life. I should start my own ‘psychic' hotline for Facebook addicts,” one person expressed.

“There's a place near me (sort of a small single-office building) that used to advertise as a ‘Life Coach' then one day the sign was changed to “Psychic Tarot Reader”. So they went from being pretty much a scam to blatantly a scam,” a second person replied.

7. Products with a celebrity name on it

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It’s nothing new for advertisers to use celebrities to market their products for a certain level of credibility and influence—even though the hired celebrity isn’t using the product in real life. However, some people actually buy such products only to find out that they're nowhere near as good as advertised.

8. Lottery games

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Although it’s a reality that you can win big bucks in lotteries—probably after many tries that left you broke—it just sounded dumb to some people. The money you spend on lottery tickets is like paying to daydream about your dream life and the things you will do when you win. However, the odds of winning the lottery are very low, so it’s on a different level of fantasy.

9. NFTs

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NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are cryptocurrencies specified in the form of digital artworks sold online. These are just a few pieces of the image you can see on your computer or cellphone, which people perceive as having high value—a digital asset. The most expensive ones are currently priced at almost $100 million.

10. Horoscopes

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Like palm reading, horoscopes also claim to give a glimpse into a person’s life, particularly their future. To determine your horoscope, you only need to know the zodiac sign with which your birth date aligns. For example, if you’re born on March 3, that would make you a Pisces.

11. Microtransactions

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Oftentimes, free-to-download games will have you paying for their virtual goods. Suppose you want to upgrade your gaming experience and have the edge over other players. In that case, you might like to purchase something—a new skin for your favorite character or unlock several hidden features in the game. With most micropayments ranging from $0.99 to $99, it's already pretty huge when totaled.


Do you agree to the products listed here, or do you have something in mind that you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments.

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