Dressed to Impress: 10 Subtle Signs That a Restaurant is Expensive

Did you know that you can tell whether a restaurant is expensive or not without seeing its menu? Well, if you didn’t know that, stay with me on this, and let’s uncover subtle signs about what makes the restaurant expensive. Are you ready? Let’s dive right in.

1. Check the Dollar Signs

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One person commented, “Search the restaurant on Google, then look for the number of dollar signs next to the restaurant name. No menu involved.”

Another person replied, “Oh, that’s useful! So, like, $$$ is expensive, right?”

The first commenter said, “Yes.”

2. See How People Are Dressed

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“Look at how people are dressed as they go in. If they are all wearing formal attire, it’s expensive,” somebody commented.

“Makes sense. The more money people have, the more they are going to spend on clothing,” replied another.

3. Ambiance

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Ambiance, like the view from outside, can already tell a lot about whether the restaurant is expensive or not. In today’s restaurants, it’s not enough that the foods are good; the scene and how customers feel when eating should also scream luxury.

One person commented, “Atmosphere, interior, customer base.”

4. Do They Require Reservations

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One Reddit user commented, “First major Indicator is someone greeting you at the entrance and asking for a reservation. Second, is tiny tiny portions on humongous plates. Now a story about my Point: Last year in Italy, I was starving and Just went into the next best restaurant I saw at the Lake, the owner did welcome me at the entrance and asked for a reservation, I said no reservation. I Just want some f—ing food, I’m starving. Well, he was looking around and guided me to a table and took my jacket, and moved the chair so I could sit down. I did Order a lasagna. Well, a huge plate came to me with maybe 100g of lasagna, If even 52 euros. F— me. First and last time.”

5. Are There Stools for Purses

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“If you walk in and see the women have their purses/handbags sitting on little stools next to them. It’s expensive. Especially if it’s a Hermès stool,” somebody shared.

“Sounds expensive all by itself,” the second person replied. “Indeed. A little over $10K for those stools,” the third added.

6. Elegant or Understated

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One user said, “If it’s overdesigned or understated. Overdesigned, I expect to pay more for something quite basic, as they’ve made Instagram-able surroundings for group parties, etc. And most high end dining places I’ve been to are more understated and simple in terms of decor.”

The second person replied, “So it’s much more about social status? It’s understandable, those influencers need content, haha.”

7. Location

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Someone stated, “Where it’s located. In general, if the restaurant is located on prime real estate, especially on a beach, a lake, or in an affluent area with high-value homes, it’ll be expensive. Restaurants that are in more remote areas where property values aren’t as high will likely be cheaper.”

Another person replied, “Makes sense. There is more demand. The prices are higher as well.”

8. Highly Staffed is Expensive

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“Yes and how much staffing they have. Gotta make sure everyone makes enough to come in. Wait staff… Buss staff.. Bartenders.. Host. Managers walking around,” one user stated.

“That’s right. I mean, they have to make the prices go brr if they want to pay all that people,” replied another.

9. What Type of Car Is in the Parking Lot

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“By the type of cars parked in the parking lot. If many of them are high end luxury cars then you know you’re at a pricey restaurant,” somebody commented.

Another person replied, “Yeah nice observation! I haven’t thought about that one!”

10. No Burnt-Out Bulbs

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“I judge a restaurant as soon as I walk in by looking for any lights out. One out is a flag, but I wouldn’t expect it to be changed out midshift, so a pass if everything else is looking good. The lights go out all the time. More than one light out … I mean. If you can’t be bothered to change a light, you’re not dating food 100% in the back, etc. No mismatched lights—tones, styles, types. Good lighting, good food, more money I figure,” one person commented.

“That makes sense. If they can’t pay for matching lights, they don’t have a lot of profit,” the second person replied.

Do you agree with any of the things listed above? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Reddit.

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