10 Famous People Who Canceled Themselves With Their Own Stupidity

In our current state of “cancel culture,” many celebrities have gone under the axe for past behaviors returning to bite them. But what famous person essentially canceled themselves because they couldn’t stop being stupid? After a poll on the internet, these are the top-voted celebs.

1. Kanye “Ye” West

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Someone noted that Kanye West went off the deep end so quickly it’s staggering. “It was like ruining his legacy was his full-time job.” Several Swifties confessed to hating Kanye since the infamous 2009 VMA scene, when he got on stage, took the mic from Taylor Swift, and announced it should have been Beyoncé.

However, the majority were primarily against his anti-Semitic rhetoric and statement about “liking” Hitler on Alex Jone’s show InfoWars in December of 2022. 

2. Ezra Miller

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There are conflicting beliefs about Ezra Miller. While many acknowledge that they canceled themself with the allegations of grooming a minor, their violent outbursts, and arrests, others defended him.

“Their friend took their own life, and they spiraled into a severe depression. I wouldn’t call that stupidity.” “How are they canceled? Warner Brothers are going ahead with The Flash movie.”

3. Azealia Banks

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Azealia Banks was on the path to becoming the next big female rap name in the early 2010s after her ‘212’ song exploded onto the scene. Her EP received widespread acclaim and universal praise for her style and lyricism.

However, one user claimed, “But the woman is a literal sociopath, and Rihanna was ready to take her under her wing. She completely sabotaged that relationship so fast. Azealia Banks is a maniac.”

4. Anthony Weiner

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Anthony Weiner lost his job in Congress because he sent pictures of his junk while married to a minor. Then, while on his campaign trail for New York City Mayor, he does it again and gets caught again because he’s a moron. One person joked, “Seriously if my name was Weiner, I think I’d be hyper-conscious of the implications.”

5. Antonio Brown

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Antonio Brown would be known as one of the greatest receivers in NFL history. However, he couldn’t stop burning bridges and doing dumb things. Someone noted, “Now all he’s thought of is the biggest running joke in NFL history.”

6. Andy Dick

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Several people stated that Andy Dick lived up to his last name. He’s been in a lot of trouble for substance abuse. Rumor is that he gave narcotics to Phil Hartman’s wife, Brynn Hartman, after years of sobriety. Some alleged it may have pushed toward the tragedy in 1998 when she took bother her’s and Phil Hartman’s lives.

Additionally, Andy was sentenced to 90 days in jail after being convicted of sexual battery for groping an Uber driver and ordered to register as a sex offender. However, in January 2023, he still had not registered and was arrested for public intoxication.

7. Jussie Smollett

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Jussie Smollett planned a hate crime with two Nigerian extras on the set of the show Empire. One user informed people that he filed a fake police report about two White Trump lovers. 

He claimed that these men shouted racial and homophobic slurs, elaborating that one poured bleach on him while the other placed a noose around his neck.

“He also told police the men shouted “MAGA country” during the attack, a reference to the Trumpist political slogan “Make America Great Again.”

8. Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen is a notorious bad boy in Hollywood. He has been on a roller coaster of drug and alcohol abuse. Additionally, he had marital issues with Denise Richards and reports of domestic violence. Sheen also made derogatory remarks about Chuck Lorre, resulting in his termination from Lorre’s show, Two and a Half Men.

Charlie Sheen also announced in 2015 that he is HIV positive, resulting in an “increase of online search queries for HIV prevention and testing, later dubbed the Charlie Sheen effect.” 

9. Chevy Chase

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One user noted that Chevy Chase put some real effort behind his demise. That guy has put decades of work into canceling himself. Another noted he was an original cast of Saturday Night Live.

However, he alienated people during those days and returned as a guest host multiple times. “The last time he was so toxic, he was banned from appearing again.”

10. Roseanne Barr

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We all remember when Roseanne Barr decided to Tweet some racism in 2018, following the release of her show’s reboot, The ConnorsSo she attempted to blame her words on the Ambien sleeping pills she took. Ambien said, “Racism is not a known side effect.” Ultimately, she was fired from the show that successfully went on without her. 

Source: Reddit.

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