Have you ever been excited about a film enough to go to the theater, and spend a fortune on concessions, only to be disappointed beyond belief in the movie? After polling the internet, here are twenty-five films people admitted were the worst they have ever seen in theaters.

1. Holmes and Watson (2018)

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Holmes and Watson. My friend turned a good Christmas into an unforgettable Christmas. But in a bad way. This movie was the end of those styles of comedies,” shared one.

A second admitted, “I was looking for this one. My ex and I saw it on Christmas, we wanted to walk out, but we had to see the garbage the whole way through. Just God awful. I would not recommend it to anyone!”

“My wife and I debated which movie to go see. Being a big Will Ferrell fan and loving John C. Reiley, combined with the amazing world of Sherlock Holmes, I was confident my movie pick was the right one. She conceded, and we went to it. Terrible. Horrible. We haven’t been to the movie theatre since,” a third user confessed. 

2. Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011)

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Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. I hated this movie so much. It sucked so bad that I wanted to cry. So I took my daughter and her friend to see this. I still wanna cry,” one mom replied. 

“I, too, took my daughter. It was her first movie, and she got to pick. I was hoping for Muppets, and I’ll never forgive Jason Lee. And David Cross! I love him. But I have not watched anything he’s been in since that movie. I read that he hated it too, and I’m mad that I can’t even enjoy him anymore,” a second added. 

3. Catwoman (2004)

Catwoman, Halle Berry
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“I wanna go back in time to be in the editing room when they cut the basketball scene together. The number of cuts and the decision to have Halle Berry grinding on the guy in front of a bunch of kids is bizarre,” shared one.

“Wow… I, uh, man, I watched that. I know I watched that. And yet, somehow, as if some defense mechanism, my brain must have deleted that scene, and most of the film, from my memory,” another confessed.

“I can’t believe that actual professional filmmakers decided that any part of this movie was worth making. The whole thing is just such a pile of trash. I saw it for free — I worked for a part of the company that released the movie — and I STILL wanted my money back,” a third admitted.

4. Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

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“My parents dropped me off to see this movie when I was a kid, and I was the only person in the theater. I like the first one, but after that, I’m done,” one stated.

“Don’t get me started on Transformers with Marky Mark. I was nauseous, to begin with, in the theater when I watched it—nausea combined with awful storytelling. I fell asleep at like three different times,” a second expressed.

“Totally. You’ll have to take a lot of Dramamine to choke down Transformers: Age of Extinction. There were many moving parts, like the fast, third-person following the action of the bots running through the city while transforming multiple times. Then there was the banal cast I wish would get squished in one of the bots while they rode in them,” a third shared. 

5. The Amazing  Spider-Man 2 (2014)

Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment.

“I worked at a movie theater as a first job, and the owner got this movie for a week because he thought I would like it (nothing else going on at the time). I couldn’t apologize to him enough. It was awful. I remember the attendance was 25 tickets sold for the entire week,” someone volunteered.

“Came here to say this. I took my 8-year-old brother to see it for his birthday. The only thing I can remember was that I wanted to get up and walk out less than halfway through,” another confessed.

“It’s always painful to take someone to a movie as a special treat like a birthday or Christmas, and the experience is bad. For example, I took my son to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for his first theater experience, and I can barely hold back my disdain for it,” a third user expressed. 

6. Mortal Kombat Annihilation (1997)

Mortal Kombat Annihilation, Sandra Hess
Photo Credit: New Line Cinema.

“I’m seriously dating myself here, but Mortal Kombat Annihilation. Five minutes in, Johnny Cage was like 80% of what made the first movie decent – dies; I felt the film was in trouble.”

“Then a recast Raiden walks in, and I knew it was all over,” said one. Another added, “I was a teenager when the first one came out… it was awesome! Finally, after years of playing the game in arcades, I loved it. So I went to the second without hesitation, leaving highly upset and bummed out. What a pile of trash it was!”

7. The Dark Tower (2017)

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures.

The Dark Tower adaptation of the Stephen King book series was a trainwreck. I’m the most disappointed I’ve ever been with a film adaptation—Scratch that. I was more than disappointed. I was disgusted,” admitted one.

“My dad (70) wanted to see it. He has never read any of the books. I don’t think he’s ever read a single book. I cautioned him that it was NOT a western, which is what he likes, but I didn’t expect it to be such hot garbage. He was utterly confused, and I could tell he wanted to leave.”

8. Space Chimps (2008)

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Space Chimps. The things you will do for a loved one. I was a teen and took my kid sister to see this; so many bad monkey puns. This movie came out the same day as The Dark Knight, and I saw Space Chimps,” one digressed.

“My kid sisters were addicted to it when we didn’t have cable for a while. It was so bad, and I saw it originally in the theaters a few years earlier. I hated it the FIRST time I saw it,” another added.

9. After Earth (2013)

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

“That movie with Will Smith and his son. They were space travelers looking for something on Earth. I would look up the title, but I’ve already spent enough time on it typing this out. Time wasted,” one shared.

“I believe it’s After Earth! That is hilariously bad and another M. Night Shyamalan special. Based on this thread, I have learned that M Night Shyamalan deserves a Bad Movie Lifetime Achievement Award,” suggested another. 

10. Howard the Duck (1986)

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

“I saw Howard the Duck at the theater the year after I saw Back to the Future. I remember thinking I wish this were as good as Back to the Future. It wasn’t. Howard the Duck is as memorable as Mannequin 2. I can’t believe I saw that t— in the theater,” confessed one.

“Prime Lea Thompson is the only reason anyone could have positive memories of the movie so bad that it led to firesales resulting in Pixar, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Disney buying all that plus Lucas and Fox,” a second noted.

11. Battlefield Earth (2000)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Battlefield Earth was awful, and this is my answer. It is the ONLY answer. So I walked out,” shared one. Another confessed, “The first movie I ever walked out of was Battlefield Earth, it was awful, and it was the catalyst of why I hate everything Sci-Fi.”

12. The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment.

“Watching The Adventures of Pluto Nash in a dingy hotel room at 3:00 am was perhaps the most hollow experience of my life. Of all the questionable things I have in my lifetime, this is by far at the top of the list of things I wish I could undo,” one shared. 

13. Godzilla (1998)

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“Then there are universally panned movies that I enjoyed. Godzilla comes to mind, which everyone hates, but I, who had never seen a Godzilla film in my life up to that point as a 14-year-old, thought it was pretty bizarre,” one stated.

“I finished the Godzilla movie, walked out, and snuck into Deep Impact. It was just starting, and I needed a way to make my money spend well. It’s not the worst film I’ve ever seen, but it is the worst I’ve seen in theaters,” a second answered. 

14. Fant4stic 4 (2015)

Fantastic Four
Image Credit: Marvel & Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

“I remember sitting through a long dialogue/monologue scene with Miles Teller talking at length between Reed and Sue that went on long enough for me to turn to my friend and say, ‘this conversation has no point and could have been cut from the movie entirely,” one replied.

“And it turns out I was right. It didn’t set up a payoff later, didn’t develop the characters at all; it just added runtime to an already bloated movie.”

15. Drag Me to H*ll (2009)

Drag Me to Hell - Alison Lohman
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

“I would say my worst movie experience was Drag Me To H*ll because I’m already not a horror fan, and that movie has a jumpscare every four minutes, which meant I was looking at the film from the corner of my eyes most of the time,” shared one.  

16. Ghost Dad (1990)

Photo Credit: SAH Productions.

“I saw it in the theater. I was in a phase back then where I loved movies so much that I loved every movie I saw. But, Ghost Dad taught me that sitting through a movie could be awful,” admitted one.

17. Leonard Part 6 (1987)

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

“There are some excellent movies people list in this thread, which I find hard to agree with,” one said. Meanwhile, I saw Leonard Part 6 in the theater.”

Another shared, “I remember that there was a machine that was going to let the bad lady take over the world, which the good guy sabotaged by replacing the fluid inside with dish soap….only to find out the original fluid was dish soap anyways. Terrible, just terrible.”

18. The Village (2004)

Photo Credit: Touchstone Pictures.

“I was not too fond of it when I was younger when it first came out, but I thought I was going to see a monster movie because that’s what all the advertising at the time was making it seem to be,” someone admitted.

The Village by M. Night Shyamalan is the same story as Running Out Of Time. Some random teen book that came out in the 90s. I had read it, and within the year The Village came out, it made the twist very predictable. So I didn’t like the film,” another expressed. 

19. Old (2021)

Photo Credit: Universal Studios.

“That was the stupidest movie I’ve ever seen in my life. My roommate wanted to watch it, and after the film, we were all sitting in stunned silence until I blurted out that it was the stupidest movie I’d ever seen in my life, and that’s the only thing I’d been able to say about it since,” answered one.

“I just watched Old not long ago, and that was quickly one of the worst movies I’ve seen in years. It was so bad. But, truthfully, Old and Glass are both pretty awful films,” a second added. 

20. The Happening (2008)

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

One person noted, “He has several movies on this list. The Happening is my vote. What a disappointing film included in such a disappointing character arc that M. Night Shyamalan had.”

“Seeing that movie made me feel legitimately shaken. I wasted a lot of time in my life, but only after sitting through that in a theater did I have these dark thoughts about how I would never get back that precious time that I could have been doing anything else. It made me confront mortality. I had an awful day that day,” a second shared. 

21. Epic Movie (2006)

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

Epic Movie. With my grandparents. It is partially my fault, nonetheless. Epic Movie was my first experience with a dumb parody/satire film,” someone confirmed. 

“I’ve walked out of two movies in my life. Epic Movie is one of them. I was with five friends, including one who drove me there. I wished I could have walked out sooner. But, instead, we all learned our lesson from this movie,” a second replied. “After I sat through Epic Movie, I promised myself that I would walk out if I ever saw a film that bad again,” a third user commented.

22. Norm of the North (2016)

Photo Credit: Lionsgate.

“I took my kids to see Norm of the North. Instead, I’d have watched Paint Dry, and my kids would have. But, unfortunately, I lost it with the addition of purple drank in a styrofoam cup added to the arctic snacks ideas,” one stated.

“I still point out how horrible it was, and my wife’s response is, it’s a kid’s movie. As if it being a kid’s movie excuses it from being a steaming pile of garbage. As if we use a different scale for kid’s movies despite agreeing that some of the best movies ever made are kid’s movies. I hate that movie so much,” a second user confessed.

23. The Last Airbender (2010)

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studio.

One person shared, “I was 12-13 when this movie came out, and I LOVED the show. So my siblings and I all watched the show, and my parents agreed I could go with them to my first midnight showing since I loved the show so much.”

“So I shaved my head, painted blue arrows on my head, arms, and neck/upper back, wore a robe, and carried a staff.” “The movie freaking sucked. A movie ruined my first midnight showing, so terrible many deny its existence. I’m still angry at M. Night Shyamalan to this day.”

24. Eragon (2006)

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

“As a kid seeing their first movie with their same-age friends. Eragon. That move was such a massive waste of money. My buddies and I constantly read the books and saved pocket money for weeks to watch them. I’ve walked out of movies since, but the Supreme disappointment that movie had as a kid me cannot be beaten,” someone explained.

“I watched that terrible film on a DVD from Redbox years later once I had finally read the books. But, man, that was a major heartbreaking book-to-film adaptation, even then. I wished we hadn’t rented it at all,” a second agreed.

25. Lady in the Water (2006)

Photo Credit: Warner Home Videos.

“It was the last nail in the coffin for me in terms of my hope that M. Night Shyamalan could have a rebound after his fall from grace. But, unfortunately, the plot (I’m being liberal with the word plot) was garbage. The idea and the execution were also trash,” said one.

“M. Night Shyamalan casts himself as a prophet in it. Aside from a few moments of unintentional comedy, it had no redeeming qualities. I got my money back for it despite having sat through all of it. The guy at the counter didn’t even ask follow-up questions; he was used to doing it for that movie,” a final user commented.

Source: Reddit.

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