Who Am I? 20 Things That People Allow to Take Over Their Personality

Have you ever noticed that certain people take up a new hobby, and suddenly that’s all they’ll talk about? It’s not that their personalities are actually changing, but they’re certainly adapting to the situation at hand, and maybe getting a little hyper-focused or narrow-minded about it. We’ve asked our friends on Reddit to chime in on the most common hobbies or life-changes that people adopt, and then won’t shut up about. 

1. Being a Military Wife

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One user shared, “Wives of military men.”

Another user added, “You know they post about how brave their ‘hubby’ is daily.”

One commenter replied, “I hate the word ‘hubby’.” 

Another Redditor commented, “Can confirm. Have a cousin like this. The husband is nowhere near seeing any kind of combat. She was stationed overseas in Germany for a couple of years, and she would never leave base to do anything but loved to complain about how bored she was. [She] had zero interest in taking in anything related to German culture, food, sightseeing, etc. She was also pregnant at one point. They were stationed there and insisted US hospitals were superior to German ones. She Said she was scared to have the baby in a German hospital because the US ones were better. You would’ve thought she was in a third-world country the way she went on about Germany and how scared she was to be there. Apparently, her friends on base were also all just like this.”

2. Obsessing Over Great Britain

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“My Texas high school had a British club. I’m actually a British citizen, so I tried to join. Those people were nuts. They made Doctor Who and Sherlock their whole personalities,” one user posted.

Another user commented, “This is just the BBC version of the anime club.”

One commenter replied, “On Tumblr, they were called Teaboos sometimes.”

Another Redditor posted, “When I watched the BBC version of Sherlock for the first time as a teenager, I realized with horror that my brother had based his entire personality on it. He had the same coat, the same condescending and sardonic manner, everything. The only thing he couldn’t get right was the actual genius part, so he’d mutter very intensely about subjects not deserving of that intensity and confuse everyone. He’s actually still quite difficult to have a conversation with because he has no idea how to learn things from other people—it always has to be him explaining things to you and not the other way around. Otherwise, he’ll just walk away.”

3. Being in a Relationship

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One Redditor shared, “Relationships. I have friends who legit have no clue who they are without a man by their side. Their self-worth is measured strictly by the ‘quality’ of the guy willing to stand beside them.”

One user replied, “This is painfully accurate. My sister graduated med school, but my mom didn’t tell her she was proud until she brought home a bf.”

One added, “My mom was the same. It didn’t matter what I did. She only ‘stopped worrying’ when I got engaged (to a complete bad person who I would never have looked twice at if he hadn’t swooped in during a very low point, including my mother’s terminal illness). God, I’d love to go back in time for a do-over on all of that.”

4. Refusing to Change

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“Being a bad person. You meet a lot of people who are like, ‘Sorry, I’m an a-. It’s just who I am’,” one user posted.

Another added, “‘I tell it like it is.’ No, you’re just tactless and have no awareness.”

However, one user replied, “As someone who was like this who did a lot of self-reflection about why I was popular and when you’re popular, people laugh at you for being a bad person sometimes, and it feels good, if enough people validate it growing up without any social consequences, you learn to think it’s fine. At most, someone will go, ‘Haha, omg, you’re such an a-‘ and roll their eyes. Eventually, you get away from the group of people who accepted your a–h-lery and made you believe it was funny and go out in the world. Being a grown a- isn’t cute, so you either lean in and think everyone is just getting too sensitive, or you realize that you have to do more than just be a bad person to get people to laugh and like you.”

5. Watching Anime

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One online user shared, “Anime. I like it, but many people take it to a new level.”

Another user commented, “I knew a woman like that. She lives in cosplay, and her kids are named after anime characters. Edit: Forgot to add that she says ‘Hello, minna-san!’ all the time.”

One Redditor added, “Yeah, tbh. I’m a mega-fan, but there’s a fine line where sharing what you love drifts into projecting it everywhere. The opposite is true where your passion is censored because it’s not ‘in vogue’ or breaks normalcy, so it’s a very fine line. Don’t name your kids ‘Gendo Ikari’.”

6. Smoking

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“Smoking weed,” one user shared.

Another confirmed, “Hear hear. I smoke quite a lot myself, but I absolutely can’t stand stereotypical potheads.”

One commenter added, “Same. I’m the biggest stoner I know and people are always shocked to find out even after knowing me for months.”

Another user replied, “Most of my friends smoke. I’m down to one oddball that still wants to talk about terpenes, and how well this batch was cured or not, and the subtle hints of flavor that always make him assume the strain is something different than advertised. At least that only lasts 20 mins, and then we can talk about all the movies/music/shows that were so much better in our day (we’re 40).”

7. Loving Astrology

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One user posted, “Zodiac signs.”

Another replied, “‘I’m a Virgo.’ ‘No, Kelly, you are just a [terrible person]’.”

8. Acting

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“Theater,” one user posted.

Another user replied, “As somebody who does his theatre, I can confirm it’s frustrating and annoying.”

9. Being a Writer

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One user shared, “Being a writer—even if they barely ever write.”

Another user replied, “‘I’m working on some plot holes, okay? So what if I haven’t touched my book in, like, three weeks?’… shut up…”

“I mean, three weeks can just be a healthy break from an activity!” one Redditor added.

One commenter added, “‘Oh, I know it hurts now, but look at the bright side: You have some new material for that novel you’ve been writing. You know…the novel you’ve been workin’ on? You know the one, uh, you’ve been workin’ on for three years? You know, the novel. You got somethin’ new to write about now. You know? Maybe a main character gets into a relationship and suffers a little heartbreak? Somethin’ like what… what you’ve just been through? Draw from the real-life experience? Little, little heartbreak? You know? Work it into the story? Make the characters a little more three-dimensional. Little, uh, richer experience for the reader? Do those two hundred pages really keep the reader guessing what will happen? Some twists and turns? A little epilogue? Everybody learns that the hero’s journey isn’t always a happy one. Oh, I look forward to reading it.’—Stewie Griffin.”

10. Using Propane

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One user commented, “Propane and propane accessories.”

A user added, “I tell you what.”

11. Doing Crossfit

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“CrossFit,” one user shared.

Another added, “The first rule of CrossFit is, you must always talk about CrossFit…”

One commenter replied, “I know a couple that loves CrossFit. They’ve never done it personally, but they are physical therapists, and the injuries from people emphasizing rep numbers over form has been great for their bottom line.”

12. Being a Hipster

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“You’ll never meet a group of more infuriating w-nkers than when you meet the people who are really into the local indie music scene…” one user posted.

Another user replied, “Amen. However, as a reformed local indie rocker, I can confidently say that the worst offenders in this category were rarely the musicians themselves. I, for one, always forgot everyone’s names and proudly told them it was because I was just terrible at being a hipster…….. OH S- F-. IM RELAPSING. HELP!”

13. Loving the Office

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One user commented, “The Office!”

Another Redditor added, “Also friends.”

One commenter replied, “Which friend character are you? Which friend’s character are you? Which friend’s character are you?”

14. Owning a Tesla

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“Owning a Tesla,” one user shared.

Another added, “The only thing worse than a Tesla owner is a Jeep owner.”

One Redditor said, “Some Jeep owners, yeah. I’m on my fourth one. And I have loved them all. They’ve all been stock Cherokees except my current one. An 06 GRAND Cherokee. Oh yeah, baby. It’s got a headphone jack in the dash so I can plug my phone in, f—ing plush up in that b–ch. Got four cup holders, too. And keep your underwear on. It’s got a coolant leak as well.”

15. Declaring Your Sexuality

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One user commented, “I’m sure I’m gonna get a lot of hate but sexuality. Being straight or being gay is not a personality trait. It’s just one aspect of who you are.”

Another replied, “Imma upvote you now before the haters show up.”

One user added, “I hard agree, but I also try to understand that some people have been denied what they are for so long that when given the chance, they’ll go all out. Like, I’m gay and dating a trans dude. But I’ve never felt persecuted for my sexuality. He has. I’d never tell him to stop waving his flags because I know he’s been in a place where he wasn’t allowed to. *Oh. They got gold for this take. Well, that’s… Worrying”

16. Being Sarcastic

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One Redditor posted, “Sarcasm.”

Another added, “I hate this. People think ‘sarcasm’ makes them come off as interesting and intelligent, but a lot of it is just low-hanging fruit jabs or just being d–chy.”

17. Loving Disney

Pluto Disney Character
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One user commented, “Disney.”

Another added, “I’m a physician. I had a senior while doing a year of general surgery training. My senior wanted to do trauma surgery. He was petty, mean, brilliantly smart, and a complete a-h- to anybody as or less intelligent:

“The precise moment that he would show a half second of relaxation: DISNEY TO THE TENTH EXPONENT. Writing notes: Disney theme park background music. Packed Lunch: Disney-themed pasta/sandwich combos. Going out for social hour: Disney watch/scarf.

“I always wondered how this dude could look at me so vehemently and still have such a cotton Candy, whimsical core. Great doctor and surgeon, though.”

One commenter replied, “Disney adults are strange people, man. My wife is a physician, and her other physician friend is getting married this spring. She’s a bit younger than us (4-5 years) and has had the luxury of making a physician’s salary while having very little in the way of actual life expenses due to having parents who continue to pay her bills for her.

“Anyway, she tells my wife and their friend group that she’s engaged and the wedding will be in Iceland. We’re pumped because we’ve always wanted to go to Iceland, and we’re fortunate enough to be able to afford to go to the wedding if we save up. It’s a year from now, so we have time to save up and also make it like a mini vacation. So a few weeks later, she texts her friend group that Iceland is off, and they’re getting married at Disney World.

“I’ll be honest: that was a head-scratcher for my wife because none of her friends knew she was that into Disney. We think it will be at one of the resort hotels around Disney World, with some pretty cool/nice hotels. Oh no, no, no. They are getting married in front of the castle in Magic Kingdom—and here’s the best part—it can’t be during park hours, so they were given the option of it happening at 8 am or 10 pm. They chose 8 am. Might I mention they are also paying $60,000 just for the ceremony?

“I get that having a destination wedding in another country is cost-prohibitive if you want a lot of friends and family there. Iceland would have been very cool, and, for admittedly selfish reasons, we were a little bummed about it not being there. But it’s understandable.

“However, with every new detail my wife gets from the bride-to-be, it seems like it will be a pretty terrible experience. Having to pay for an overpriced hotel and getting up at the crack of dawn to get dressed up and stand in the swampy humidity of Florida so two grown adults can be married by Mickey Mouse sounds like it’s going to be a total bad show. So yeah, Disney adults are strange.”

18. Breaking Up

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One user posted, “One bad breakup…”

Another user replied, “This is true. I had a friend who would not care about a girl she dated back before COVID (f—ing 2020) who did some a- [things] to her up until a few months ago. At least now she’s dating again, so we constantly hear about her new partner most of the time…”

19. Working

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“Their occupation,” one user shared.

Another user replied, “‘I’m a nurse. What’s your superpower…’ merch. yuck. Sincerely, a nurse.”

One Redditor said, “This was my first thought. I hate those ridiculous things! I work with a nurse with multiple nursing-related tattoos, coffee cups, handbags, and a license plate frame. So cringe.”

20. Owning Guns

Being angry all the time
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One Redditor shared, “Guns.”

Another user replied, “As a gun owner, I can’t tell you how cringeworthy this is. I own firearms myself, but it is just a hobby, and that’s it. Most of the other time, I read books, work, be a dad, or play Diablo 4. I barely bring it up unless I am around others who happen to bring it up or discuss their experiences shooting firearms or what firearms they’re going to purchase. The minute I see gun owners rocking punisher skull s- or other tacticool stuff, I play dumb and just act as if I’ve never held a gun. Those people are annoying.”

Do you agree with the things listed above? Share your thoughts below.

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