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25 Emotional Songs for When You Really Need a Good Cry

Do you ever get those melancholic emotions that leave you feeling wrecked yet strangely fulfilled? Many of us go through difficult emotional times, and music can be an incredible way ... Read more

Top 15 Actors Who Can Pull Off Serious and Funny Roles

Do you ever walk out of the movie theatre after seeing a film and just want to applaud? It can be so satisfying when your favourite actor holds their own ... Read more

20 Movie Character Deaths That Wrecked Us

You’ve got to be in a certain mood to handle the death of a beloved character in a movie or TV show, but sometimes they come up without warning anyway. ... Read more

Top 10 Things That Confuse Us About Gen Zs

Are you a millennial or a boomer trying to understand the younger generation? It can be tough—Gen Z is a distinct, tech-savvy age group with its own unique set of ... Read more

Odd One Out: 20 Common Things You’re Missing Out On

Have you ever been sitting around with your friends and heard everyone talking about something they have done that you haven’t? We’ve all experienced a certain level of embarrassment when ... Read more

Broke Aesthetic: 20 Things Rich People Ruined for the Middle Class

There are plenty of trends that used to be mostly popular among the low-middle income people that changed when they became popular with rich people. Whether it is a band, ... Read more

20 Viewpoints that Just Don’t Make Sense

We all disagree with people. The key to living peacefully and keeping a close community around you is knowing how to have empathy, listen well, and disagree respectfully. And with ... Read more

15 of the Most Quotable Movie Lines

Honestly, movie comebacks are usually the best comebacks. That might be because they’ve had a team of writers carefully writing and rewriting them for hours before they’re filmed, but we’re ... Read more

20 Things People Do That Are So Wholesome

When you think of the world today, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the negativity that saturates our news feeds and social media. But beneath all the grime ... Read more

What’s Something Everyone Finds Normal, but You Find Unusual

We’re all aware that there are vast differences in what’s considered normal around the world, and most of us have even noticed that there are differences in normal between families, ... Read more
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