What’s Something Everyone Finds Normal, but You Find Unusual

We’re all aware that there are vast differences in what’s considered normal around the world, and most of us have even noticed that there are differences in normal between families, small towns, different schools, etc. But have you ever found yourself in the midst of your own country or even your family and wondered How is that just normal? Well, we’re with you. Whether it’s something as seemingly inconsequential as a particular gesture, or more dramatic such as customs surrounding celebrations, it’s pretty common to feel like the odd one out a some point. So stick with us; we’re examining some of the things people find normal that we just can’t get used to.  

1. Spitting Loogies

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One user shared, “Spitting, especially loogies. I literally almost throw up when I see someone doing it.”

Ok, we’re with you on that one. We know everybody has their own preferences and we’re not here to stop you, but spitting really just baffles us.

2. Holding a Bag of Dog Waste

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One Redditor user said, “On colder days when my dad walks the dog, he’ll sometimes hold the dog [waste] bag in his hands to warm his hands.”

Another user commented, “This is deeply disturbing.”

Fortunately, it seems only that commenter’s dad thinks this is normal. Frankly, we’ve never heard of anyone else doing this and we don’t plan to make it any more widespread than it already is. That’s just uncomfortable and gross.

3. Writing With Chalk

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“Perhaps not gross, but I am repulsed by holding chalk and writing on a chalkboard. The touch, the feel, the sound, everything,” posted by one Redditor.

Another user shared, “We just got new dishes a couple of months back and the bottom is the raw clay feeling. That terrible gritty sandpaper-like texture. I can hardly use the plates without shivering and getting weirded out.”

There are a lot of odd textures out there, and while they don’t bother a lot of people, when they do bother you it’s almost impossible to forget about.

4. Parents Monetizing Kids on YouTube

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One user pointed out, “People monetizing their kids on YouTube.”

Another user replied, “This should be a top comment.”

To be fair, that’s definitely a gray area. But we definitely feel a lot of sympathy for those kids, having to grow up in the spotlight, and sometimes in really vulnerable and uncomfortable ways. We’ll say this much for sure: people’s kids should never have to be publicly uncomfortable just to help their parents make a buck. Providing for the family is the job of an adult, and kids aren’t responsible to help with expenses by performing.

5 When Someone Else Washes My Dishes

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One user stated, “When someone else ‘washes’ my dishes for me and I drink from a ‘clean’ glass, and it smells of rotting food and I look at my sponge and it’s covered in food because someone thought that smearing food around my dishes with a sponge somehow made them clean you’re all fired I never want to see you again.”

Sanitation is no joke when you’re washing the dishes. Sponges are great, but you’ve got to keep them clean in order to really clean the dishes you’re washing. And if you’re washing dishes in somebody else’s home to show them you care, go the extra mile and make sure you wash the dishes they way that they like them washed.

6. Wearing Big Engagement Rings Without Cleaning Them

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“Wearing those big-a- engagement rings and never properly cleaning them. Especially in a hospital, nobody should be wearing anything below the elbow for good hand hygiene. I can’t imagine how many germs live between all those diamonds that are now spreading to my patients. Just take it all off, leave them at home!” one online user stated.

Another user confirmed and replied, “Omg, so many patients just leave their rings on for years, and then the stones are filled with lotion, dead skin, and grease.”

Besides the important sanitary concerns, did you know your ring will sparkle so much more if you clean it regularly? Most jewelers will offer free cleanings for any rings or jewelry you’ve purchased through them, and otherwise the price is very low, often as cheap as five dollars to get your whole ring polished and looking good as new again.

7 the Sound of Chewing

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One user posted, “The sound of people chewing,”

Another user responded, “Ugh, eating with mouth open …”

Honestly, that’s just good manners. There’s definitely an etiquette to chewing. If you’re alone in the privacy of your own home, then be considerate of anyone else around you while you’re eating.

8. Children With Snotty Faces

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“Children with food on their face. And snot,” one user shared.

Another user stated, “As a parent, we find it gross too. We’re just tired of cleaning it 900 times a day.”

9. When Clothes Smell Musty

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One Redditor posted, “Maybe not ‘normal’ but I am repulsed by the smell created by clothing not correctly drying. The scent is on clothing that sat in the washer machine too long. Or dish towels and bathroom towels that dried without being spread out. I smell it on people from down the aisle in stores. And don’t get me started on drying my hands in someone’s bathroom and finding out the smell is lingering on my hands now.” 

Granted, some people have this harder for others. For example, the southwest United States is much less humid than other parts of the country, and that makes drying clothes and towels much faster and easier. In other locations, it’s more challenging to get clothes and linens completely dry and it takes some effort not to smell musty.

10. Constantly Spitting

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One user said, “Spitting. I feel physically ill when I witness someone hawking and spitting in public or see spit sitting on the pavement.”

Another user added, “My friend is always doing this. I’m less disgusted than I am confused. I’ve never felt the need to spit spontaneously, lol.”

While we’re here, could somebody tell us why they spit all the time? Is there a good reason for this? From the outside it seems like a pretty unnecessary habit, so please enlighten us.

11. Licking Fingers to Turn a Page

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“Licking their fingers to turn a page. Turns my stomach!” one Redditor shared.

Another user added, “Or counting money. F- filthy.”

Ok, fair enough.. If you need to lick your fingers for any reason, please wash your hands afterwards. Keep the germs from spreading and be considerate of others.

12. Not Washing Hands Before a Meal

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One Commenter mentioned, “Not washing hands before a meal. You have been in filth, and you are going to touch your food with those hands? Yuk.”

Another replied, “Also, not washing your hands when cooking food. I can’t understand how people just start cooking food for other people without doing it.”

13. Not Rinsing the Soap Suds off Dishes

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One user added, “Washing dishes in a tub of soapy water and not rinsing off the soap suds. Or not scrubbing the outsides of pots and pans as well. Makes me want to vomit. I’d rather not taste stale soap and bacteria in my cup of tea or food, thanks. I can always tell as well.

Soap always leaves a residue, and yea, most of us can taste it. It’s such a strong flavor and it adds an unpleasant taste to anything you eat or drink from that dish. It seems Washing dishes is more of an art than maybe we first thought.

14. Coughing Without Covering

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“Spitting, coughing without covering your mouth. I have multiple sclerosis. Get sick really easily,” one user added.

Another user agreed, “I work in a hospital. I still wear a mask the entire work day. I’ve been asked “why” over & over, told that I don’t have to do that anymore, so-called a sheep, & various other comments. My job is directly in patient’s bubbles. The mask does prevent being a direct hit from bodily fluids, helps with the unpleasant outdoors, & hides my facial expressions from exposure to those things.”

Ok, that’s a pretty fair assessment. If you’re working with people’s bodies and fluids, it only makes sense to be as protected as you can.

15. Not Washing Your Hands After Going to the Bathroom

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A user commented, “Not washing your hands after going to the bathroom. Nasty.”

Another user shared, “I would hope everyone finds this nasty …”

What can we say; there’s a reason stores and restaurants have signs reminding employees to wash their hands. It’s both less common than we could wish, and much more gross than some people seem to think.

16. Employers Paying New Hires More Than Current Employees

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One user stated, “Employers paying new hires more than tenured employees. Having drastically different pay rates for people with similar credentials doing the same job.”

Another user added, “Not entirely the same, but my first job was at a McDonald’s. I was making, I think, like, 5.45 an hour? One of my friends at the time got hired on at 6/hr. I approached the manager about it, and he said, ‘It was a mistake, but I can’t increase your pay or decrease theirs. Also, who told you about it?’ He made clear in his tone he intended to punish the person that told me, and I didn’t say s-.”

17 Wearing Sneakers Without Socks

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“Wearing sneakers without socks. Ugh! The sweat stinks,” one user shared.

Another user replied, “Agreed. But Most of the time you see that; they’re probably just wearing no-shows.”

We agree with both commenters; most of the time people are wearing no-show socks. And if they’re not wearing socks at all, that’s about to smell terrible. Even shoes you’ve only worn with socks tend to smell terrible after a while. But if you really have make that fashion choice, rest assured there are plenty of stinky-shoe remedies online to rescue you.

18. Childbirth

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One Redditor stated, “Childbirth. We’re all here because of it, and it’s currently my day job to catch a baby or two per day, but [holy cow] is it like watching a woman’s [body] go through Vietnam each time.”

One user added, “Time for a game of ‘child-snatcher or midwife?'”

It’s true that watching childbirth can be an uncomfortable process, but birth is truly a normal part of life. Like the commenter said, without birth none of us would be here, so we have our mothers to thank for going through all that struggle for us.

19. Kissing Pets on the Mouth

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“Kissing pets in their mouth,” shared one user.

Another user posted, “What everyone’s dad didn’t say, ‘I just saw that dog eating s- outside,’ every time this happens … “

No offense to the pet parents out there, but there’s definitely a lot of germs not only in cats’ and dogs’ mouths, but in human mouths. And transferring that many germs between humans and animals has never been a great idea. We get that it’s normal and a lot of people connect with their pets and show affection that way, but maybe consider some other manner of pet cuddling than kissing them.

20. Smacking Gum

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Another commenter shared, “Smacking gum. I hate it. And loud chewing/swallowing noises.”

Chewing gum seems to be one of those things people either love or hate; there’s no middle ground. But we totally understand how it can be annoying for those who are highly sensitive, especially to noise.

What do you think of the list shared above? Share your thoughts with us down in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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