We all disagree with people. The key to living peacefully and keeping a close community around you is knowing how to have empathy, listen well, and disagree respectfully. And with most divisive topics, there’s a way to find some empathy or understanding. But from time to time, we all encounter some viewpoint or dogma we just don’t understand and can’t find any sympathy with. Below, we’ll explore 20 different stances from various areas of life that many people simply do not have any understanding or empathy for. 

1. Being Smug About Not Understanding a Topic

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One user shared, “I can’t deal with people who are smug about not understanding something.”

Another user replied, “I once was having a late BBQ with my neighbour; I watched a satellite go by with their 9-year-old daughter. At one point, the satellite just disappeared in the middle of the sky because it reached the earth’s shadow and couldn’t reflect the sun anymore.

“So the little girl asked me, ‘Did it die? Why did it disappear?’ I then proceeded to explain it to her, but she couldn’t really understand. So I said, ‘let me grab a piece of paper and do a little drawing to show you.’

“Her mom immediately intervened, angry. ‘NO, we’re having fun. We’re not here to learn!’ It’s still one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.”

2. Influencers Who Exploit Their Kids

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“Social media influencers who exploit the f- out of their kids,” shared one user.

Another user responded, “That YouTube mom who made her kid pose to look sad while he was actually crying for real because his dog died. He kept saying, ‘No, Mom, I’m actually crying,’ and she said, ‘I know.’ She accidentally posted her video, forgetting to cut that part. Serves her right. She is garbage.

“EDIT: It looks like the dog did not die (thankfully.) BUT she is still garbage because the dog was very sick, and the child was clearly emotional over it, so she took advantage instead of giving him real comfort.”

3. Saying You’re Blunt Just So You Can Be Rude

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One user posted, “Saying you’re blunt, but you’re actually just openly being an a-hole.”

Another user shared, “A server that we all hated once said, ‘They don’t want to deal with a bad b- like me.’ A fellow cook shouted through the window, ‘No, you’re just a b-. Stop making excuses.'”

4. YouTube “Prank” Channels

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One user stated, “Youtube “prank” channels. The ones that bully McDonald’s employees for views.”

5. When People Won’t Consider Evidence

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“When someone staunchly refuses to believe something even after you’ve provided them with copious amounts of evidence from numerous credible sources to prove what you’ve just told them,” one user commented. A user shared, “It is easier to fool a man than it is to convince a man he’s been fooled.”

6. Dogfighting

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One Redditor commented, “Dog fighting.”

One user added, “I hate it when I’m enjoying my day and like 30 biplanes start an air battle above me.”

7. Well, This Is Who I Am

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One user posted, “Well, this is who I am.” Excuses. You can change some aspects of yourself to be better.”

8. Mean People Getting Offended When Somebody Stands up to Them

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“When people are mean, and you’re mean back and they don’t understand why,” one user posted.

Another user replied, “One of my exes got enjoyment from being mean to me because of how I’d react. When I finally reached my limit and snapped right back at him with home truths about what a [horrible person] he was to me and several others, he cried to a mutual friend that I was bullying him.”

9. Flat Earthers

Flat Earth conspiracy
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One commenter added, “Flat earthers. Y’all just dumb.”

One user posted, “Especially those who complain about people thinking they’re dumb. But they ARE dumb.”

10. Being Smug About Disliking Something You’ve Never Tried

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One user stated, “People who are smug of disliking something they’ve never tried and make it a personality trait.

“edit: I’m talking about mundane things to have such a strong stance and pride in not liking despite never trying. Like a TV show or camping. Obviously not murder, didn’t think I needed to spell that one out.”

11. People Misusing Big Words

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“People who misuse big words. Does anyone else photosynthesize with me?” mentioned one user.

Another user replied, “Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.”

12. Being Intolerant of Other Cultures

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One user stated, “There are only two things I can’t stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch.”

13. People Who Blame Victims

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“People who blame victims for their own abuse. It’s abuse for a reason. It isn’t easy for someone who has been badly manipulated and hurt to leave that person. It isn’t always financially feasible for them to leave either.

“Yes, I do feel awful if kids are involved. I just hate seeing people be hurt and mistreated in any way. But I just want to clarify that I know this world is so cruel and judgmental. I also understand that some people say they want others to leave those people but don’t help them after that,” a user stated. 

14. Saying “It’s Just the Way It Is”

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One Redditor posted, “It’s just the way it is,” is a phrase that I hate. There is never an explanation nor a solution.”

15. Being Rude to Retail Workers

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“Being rude to retail workers for little to no reason. Like bro, some of these people are making barely over minimum wage. What will your yelling and verbal attacks do to help you and them? Plus, anyone is much more likely to help a polite person than someone unreasonably screaming at them,” one user shared. 

16. People Who Make Excuses for Not Taking Care of Their Children

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A user shared, “People who make excuses for not caring for their children properly. I hand-washed my child’s clothes in the bathtub and walked my a- to work when I was a single, poor mother. Not to mention the resources available nowadays that also help. There really is just no excuse.”

17. People Spending Their Life Savings on Social Media Celebrities

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One Redditor shared, “People trying to give their life savings to big streamers/YouTubers … etc.

“They’re literally donating their life savings to multimillionaires just to get an ‘oh thanks’ and then be forgotten about a minute later.”

18. The Idea That Some Full-Time Jobs Don’t Deserve a Living Wage

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One Commenter added to the thread, “That some full-time jobs don’t deserve a living wage.”

19. People That Don’t Believe in Free School Lunches

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“People that don’t believe in free school lunches. There is no good person that thinks kids should go hungry,” one Redditor posted.

20. Pick Yourself up by Your Bootstraps

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One Redditor stated, “People that just wait to say, ‘Pick yourself up from your bootstraps.’ Also, Rich people beg average paycheck-to-paycheck people to donate to their charity so they can pocket 80% in ‘administration fees.’

What do you think of the stances listed above? Share your thoughts with us below!

Source: Reddit.

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