Broke Aesthetic: 20 Things Rich People Ruined for the Middle Class

There are plenty of trends that used to be mostly popular among the low-middle income people that changed when they became popular with rich people. Whether it is a band, a clothing style, or a hobby, nothing remains the same once wealth and status get involved. But what are some of the things that poor people loved before they were spoiled by the wealthy? Here, we look at 20 things that once brought joy to those without much money—until their newfound popularity caused them to be re-crafted as symbols of luxury and extravagance. 

1. Industrial, Warehouse Apartments

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One user shared, “Living in warehouses in the industrial, rundown side of town.”

Another user agreed and commented, “Yes! They tore down all the real lofts to build condos they call lofts.”

2. Etsy

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“Etsy,” posted one user.

Another user commented, “There are SO many accounts for cheap stuff from China that you could get on many other websites as well. No, I come to Etsy for homemade stuff and to support artistic individuals.”

One user added, “Yep, I remember trying to avoid the temptation of Shein by almost buying some unique pearl belly dance waist chains from there for 20 dollars. Dear reader, they were from Shein, without the tags and with a hefty 200% price increase. Thank God for the reviewer who exposed them.”

3. Food banks

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One Redditor unfolded the riches’ hack and posted, “Food banks. My local food bank put out a news article basically saying that rich people need to stop using the food bank as a ‘life hack’ to lower their grocery bills.”

One user grasped and commented, “OMG. That’s so evil. Some people really have no conscience.”

4. Living in Arty Neighborhoods

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One Redditor shared, “Living in arty neighborhoods.”

Another user replied,” This is what I was looking for. Creative poor people have been investing in poor neighbourhoods forever. They use their talent to make it an excellent place they enjoy living in. The rich say, ‘Hey, I want to be cool, let’s buy this.’ And then they price the poor out of the haven they created and turn it into a stale, crowded, overpriced place. TL;DR—Gentrification”

5. Champion Brand Clothes

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“Champion brand clothes. I had a lot when I was a kid because it was the cheapest possible, and now all that s- is considered ‘vintage,'” posted one user.

Another responded, “Reminds me of Fila and Puma.”

6. eBay

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An online Redditor commented, “Ebay. It used to be so useful to get all kinds of cheap or unique things. Then more and more big commercial sellers joined the club, and eventually, eBay itself forgot about what and who made their platform a success in the first place.”

“I’ve had my eBay account since ’98 when you had to send physical checks/money orders through the mail. It felt like an online flea market or garage sale where you’d get to know certain buyers and sellers. Feedback was critical, and you never bid on something you didn’t plan to buy because any hit to your reputation was a huge deal.

“It was a nice little collecting community until they allowed resellers of knock-off goods in and turned the whole thing into another Amazon. I occasionally still sell collectibles, but the number of people who don’t bother paying is huge now. I miss old eBay,” stated one user. 

7. Blue-Collar Residential Neighborhoods

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One user also shared, “Blue-collar residential neighborhoods in the city.”

Another user commented, “Yes! This is my answer, too. Not just houses in general but poor neighborhoods, in particular, are being f- over. You can see the tale here in the property history on Lots and lots of houses were previously on the market for $50,000, bought, and then flipped and listed for $250k to $300k in a ZIP code where the median income is $34.5k, a good $20k less than the median income for the city. Shockingly, no one wants to spend $300k for a s- remodel in the ‘hood, so most of these houses sit empty unless/until they’re put on Airbnb.”

One added, “I think the problem with gentrification in the US is twofold: a failure to provide a path to ownership for often at-risk residents (which leads to slumlords) and a failure to protect the at-risk pop who DO own property from massive tax hikes.

“No one is opposed to tearing down condemned houses and building new ones, but the neighbours who have been there should not get affected by massive tax increases.”

8. Rural Lake Cabins

Lake Cabin
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“Quiet out-of-the-way country cabins sitting by lakes. Now they are overpriced Airbnbs,” posted one user.

Another user commented, “I’d even say Airbnbs themselves. They started as a potentially cheap alternative to hotels run by people with extra space they aren’t doing anything with. Now people build guest houses specifically for Airbnb and treat It like a full-on rental.”

One user suggested, “If you do decide to go to an Airbnb as a getaway, I’d recommend looking for one on a farm. From what I’ve seen, they’re usually run by the farmers as a sort of side gig and not some company or wealthy person.

“The last one I went to was out in the middle of nowhere with like 70 acres that you’re free to explore, and it was actually at an animal rehabilitation center. They rented out their spare room as an Airbnb as a way to bring in more money to put towards the animals. It was insanely cool.

“They had a ton of animals that were being rehabilitated. The living room had a giant window that looked straight into the snow macaque enclosure. It was their inside feeding area, so you could watch them chill and eat like 2 feet away. There was a flock of chickens that would follow you around; most of them were bald or had b-m legs or other issues that would get them slaughtered at a farm. There were storks, peacocks, a very playful otter, spider monkeys, a d-head heron that kept pecking at my boots, boxes, and a lot more, but they even had tigers. Apparently, they were rescued from a carnival and couldn’t be released into the wild. It was so calm and also sweet to know that you were contributing a bit just by staying there.

“Edit: guess I should’ve included it in the original comment. It’s called ‘The Suite at the Ridge’ in Hocking Hills, Ohio. The Airbnb itself wasn’t crazy lovely or anything, but it was perfectly fine, and you’re there to be around the animals anyways. Unfortunately, I can’t post pictures here because I have some I’d love to share.

“Edit 2: I can’t seem to get the listing to show up in a search, only by looking through messages and it says that the host ‘no longer has access to Airbnb’ so I’m not sure what happened. We went in January, so it wasn’t even a year ago. But if you want to look at other sites, the sanctuary is Union Ridge Wildlife Center.

Edit 3: Don’t Google the name of the wildlife center unless you want my happy post to become a sad post. Turns out it wasn’t as wholesome as I thought it was.”

9. Van Life and Tiny Houses 

One online user stated, “Van life and tiny house living.”

Another user replied, “It’s like they gentrified the trailer park.”

Another user commented, “Not where I live. We still have proper trailer parks loaded with meth, pit bulls and domestic violence.”

10. Modernizing a Historic Home

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A user commented, “Buying a “fixer-upper” home and spending weekends working on it. I was really looking forward to that.”

One user responded, “I’ve seen so many nice period houses completely gutted on the inside by modern renovations. If I buy a 1930s house, I don’t want a stupid Scandinavian minimalist interior!”

11. Thrift Shopping

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“Thrift shopping. I’m not *thrifting* I’m f- broke,” one user commented.

Another user added, “Sometimes I feel like it’s cheaper to buy clothes at Target or Walmart brand new than it is to buy from a thrift store.”

12. Counterculture-Based Festivals

Burning Man Festival
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A Redditor stated, “Counterculture-based festivals. Burning Man was on my bucket list until rich folks started showing up with bodyguards and started establishing private zones.”

One user added, “Counterculture as a whole seems to be getting gentrified. In the Netherlands, there are a lot of places you can go to that have a ‘counterculture aesthetic’ or more specifically, ‘squat aesthetic’ but have exorbitant prices. Squatting used to be vast, and multiple venues in the Netherlands (like Paradiso and Melkweg) have their humble beginnings as a squat. Ruigoord, a village close to Amsterdam that got squatted 50 years ago, also completely lost its soul and is filled with yuppies.

“Counterculture is being gentrified, sanitized and sold back to people at exorbitant prices as something ‘new, weird and hip.'”

13. The Farmer’s Market

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One user posted, “Going to the farmers market.” A user replied, “I went to a farmer’s market where only one vendor sold fruits and vegetables. There were three boutique honey stands and an old white lady selling ‘native’ art. St Philips Plaza in Tucson, for anyone who knows what I’m talking about. So dumb.”

14. Houses

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“Houses. We poor people would work our entire lives to own one. Property became a great investment and a way to increase wealth, so rich people bought them. Not to live in as intended but to rent to the poor and keep them poor by renting so they will never be able to save enough to afford their own.” a user added to the thread. 

15. Fajitas

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One Redditor shared, “Fajitas. I remember being able to get skirt steak really cheap and sometimes for free.”

One user replied, “That goes for any ‘cheap’ cut of meat.”

16. Pickup Trucks

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“Pickup trucks. They used to be much cheaper,” one user posted.

Another user replied, “They’re luxury minivans now.”

17. Unrestricted Land

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One user posted, “Unrestricted land. Everything gets an HOA now, and they try to force you into their jurisdiction.

“My family fought an HOA targeting my grandmother’s house. She had lived there for ten years before the HOA was even an idea, or the new area with big houses was cleared for construction before that.

“We ended up having Rock in her house, skirting, and rock under her deck due to insufficient money to fight an HOA she never signed on to.

“If an HOA comes out where I live (which might happen in the next 15 years), I will fight them tooth and nail for spite alone.”

18. Cheat Cuts of Meat

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“Off cuts of meat,” shared one user.

Another user replied, “I remember when chicken wings were 10 cents because they could not give them away. Now, they are an industry. They break a wing in half and call it two wings.”

19. Concerts and Festivals

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One user shared, “Concerts and festivals.”

Another Redditor added, “I agree with this one. I have lost all interest in the concert/festival experience.”

20. Brisket Burnt Ends

Man doing barbecue
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“Brisket burnt ends. BBQ joints used to toss them or give them away for free,” One commenter added.

Another user replied, “BBQ used to be poor people’s food. Nobody wanted to eat ribs and brisket because they are hard to cook. Now every upper-middle-class person has a smoker, and BBQ costs an arm and a leg.”

Do you agree with the things listed above? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Reddit.

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