Have you ever been sitting around with your friends and heard everyone talking about something they have done that you haven’t? We’ve all experienced a certain level of embarrassment when we realize that the people around us have had some experience we missed out on. Well, don’t worry because today we will unveil the top twenty everyday things everybody has done… except YOU! That’s right: You may not have hiked mountains or traveled the world, but trust us—there are plenty of experiences and opportunities for growth out there that can easily spice up your life. 

So get ready to explore some of the most fun things to do—from social media to common adventures! It’s time for an unforgettable journey through some amazing experiences.

1. Trick-Or-Treating as a Child

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One user shared, “Gone trick-or-treating as a child. It was forbidden by my church, so my parents would shut out all of our lights, and my brother and I would sit up in his room and watch all the other kids walking around in their costumes. I have my own kids now, and we trick-or-treat, carve pumpkins, give out candy… the whole nine yards.”

Another user asked, “Do you dress up with your kids and get candy now??”

The OP answered, “I’ve dressed up a few times… one year, my kids were the perfect ages for us to dress as the Incredibles, and it was epic. I even cut/dyed my hair just like ElastiGirl because I was so excited. And yes, I know what wigs are, but it wasn’t that much of a stretch from what I had then.”

2. Snapping Your Fingers

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One Redditor posted, “I can’t snap my fingers…”

Another user commented, “Now I’m really curious if it’s a physical situation that limits how your fingers move, or if people have been explaining the moves wrong… Can you fold your ring finger so that its fingertip sits roughly in the middle of the blob of muscle on the palm below the thumb?

“And can you kind of press that fingertip into that muscle to make that finger’s end joint flatten out roughly straight?

“Propping the 3rd finger against the thumb will create that small gap between the base of the thumb & ring finger’s fingertip. Can you aim your middle finger to fly to fill that gap — when the thumb abruptly slides out of the way and lets the ‘spring-loaded’ middle finger fly there?”

Another user commented, “Well, I just snapped for the first time in my 34 years of living!”

3. Breaking a Bone

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One user shared, “Prob break a bone; it at least seems common since I’ve seen tons of people with broken bones in school (Brace, cast, crutch, etc.).”

Another user commented, “I never broke a bone til I was 41. I tripped, caught myself and broke my elbow.”

One added, “Well, that’s bizarre. Same exact thing. It was two years ago when I was 41. The first bone break was my elbow (radial head fracture) after slipping on ice and trying to catch myself. Best part? The term for that type of fall is a FOOSH (fall on outstretched hand). So, my wife erupted in laughter and decided to call me a footbag, which was the best way to ease my pain at the urgent care…”

5. Moving Out of Your Childhood Home

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“Move out of my childhood home,” shared one user.

Another Redditor commented, “There was a guy in my neighbourhood growing up who was around 70. He lived in the same house he grew up in and still drove his first car, an old … pickup.

“He was a cool old dude. He also told me his dog was the same one he had growing up, and I was little and susceptible, so it filled me with hope and joy about my dog. I think he underestimated my stupidity and felt terrible, so he told me the dog was different.”

6. Having a Messed up Nose

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One user commented, “Had a nosebleed.”

Another user added, “Think I probably had your share.”

One Redditor said, “I’ve never had one either, and I have been punched in the nose a few times and nothing.”

7. Walking On Two Legs

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“Walk on two legs. I walk just fine, but with a prosthesis,” one Redditor posted.

Another user commented, “Prosthesis etiquette question: Is it considered rude to compliment someone on a prosthesis with a neat design? I saw a guy with the coolest Spiderman-themed leg, but I had no idea whether it was okay to mention it.”

One user replied, “Amputee here. Most would be cool with that. If they have Spiderman on their leg, you’re probably fine. For those that it’s a sensitive subject, they will go to great lengths to hide their prosthesis.”

8. Rolling Your R’s

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“Rolled my r’s,” one user posted.

Another user commented, “Dude, my 8-month-old daughter learned she could do it a few days ago and hasn’t stopped since. Instead of crying, we just get really long rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cries.”

9. Breaking Bad Cycles

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One user shared his story of resilience, “I grew up in a [drug] household. My dad. My sister’s. My brother. Their SOs and friends. My boyfriends later on. My sister’s kids. All methods are out all the time.

I was the only one with a job, trying to sleep and eat like an average person. It was crazy. My nephew in prison has asked me numerous times why I never did it. Dude, what? It’s not like they made it look good or fun. Jesus

“Edit to add: holy moly, guys! I didn’t realize this post would get so much attention! Thanks for the well wishes and the awards. I survived, and I’m doing great, given the circumstances. I can’t say the same for all the rest of the family. My sister and BIL did get clean, but unfortunately, two of my nephews did not. One is in prison, and one is off the grid, strung out on meth, living on the street pretending he is Rambo. But I’m proof the cycle can be broken. Thanks again for everything.”

10. Pooping Your Pants as an Adult

Young Asian woman's hand holding toilet paper and suffering from constipation, diarrhea, stomachache or cramps.
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One Redditor posted, “[Crapped] my pants as an adult. I know it’s coming, and I consider myself privileged.”

One user shared, “As someone who [messes] their pants way more often than any adult should admit to, I find this comment hilarious. You have it coming in. ETA: Thanks for the award! Now I can say I have an award-winning story!”

One user added, “Broke my unbeaten run of not messing my big boy pants going through chemo. It’s ridiculous enough that you’ve just got to laugh. Funny, though, I mentioned it at work, and while all the guys present were willing to hold their hands up and admit to it happening to them at some point/share stories and have a laugh about it, even the usually stoic and serious guy who doesn’t open up was willing to, which was a surprise…

“All of the women present strongly denied having any experience of it. I don’t believe the numbers. I wonder if this trend of being willing to admit to it holds true as a split between the sexes across the board. Just one of those random occurrences that gives you pause for thought.”

11. Getting Stung by a Bee

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“Gotten stung by a bee/wasp,” posted by one user.

Another commenter added, “Same here, still deathly afraid of them.”

One Redditor shared, “It’s nowhere near as bad as you learn as a kid unless you have an allergy. People grow up learning to fear them from kids, but it’s really super minor by adult standards. The initial sting of a wasp is a surprise, and then it’s just sore like a cross between a sunburn and a really big sore mosquito bite minus the itch.”

One replied, “It’s not so bad until you get stung for the first time on your bottom lip the day before your wedding from a bee that decided it was a good idea to climb down the straw sticking out of your tasty, tasty cocktail… Actually, I guess in the end, it was a plus… it was like 24 hours of lip filler for the bottom lip.”

12 Going Skinny Dipping

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One user shared, “Skinny dip. And I’m over 60. So disappointed. Never had the opportunity.”

Another user commented, “There’s still time.”

13. Going to Prom

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“Been to prom,” one Redditor shared.

Another user commented, “Me too. But it’s all good.”

One commenter shared, “Me too. Unlike what Pretty in Pink made me believe, I have no regrets, and I literally never think of it.”

14. Whistling

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One user posted, “Whistled.”

Another user commented, “I have to inhale to whistle. Can’t exhale to do it.”

One Redditor added, “I’ve finally found my people.”

Another user replied, “As a fellow inhaler, I find I can whistle much higher notes than those who exhale. Losers.”

15. Getting Drunk

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One user posted, “I’ve never been drunk.”

Another user confirmed, “Me neither. Didn’t discover my gluten allergy until after college. I have visual migraines (kind of like hallucinations during a bad trip) as part of my gluten reaction. I always thought I was a super lightweight—two sips of beer, and I’d feel awful and thought I was super drunk. Since then, I honestly just associate the taste so strongly with that reaction that I can hardly smell it without feeling repulsed. It also triggers my depression for bonus points. No, thank you.”

16. Flying

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One Redditor shared, “Got on a plane.”

Another user replied, “I’ve gone up in a plane but have never landed in one, lol. The only time I ever got in a plane was when my boss paid for us all to do this ‘bonding’ thing, which turned out to be skydiving.”

17. Having Surgery

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“I have never had surgery,” one user posted.

Another user commented, “I was doing pretty well on this until a couple of years ago when I needed surgery to keep my insides from becoming outsides. The surgery was way better than the recovery.”

One commenter added, “I’ve got you covered. I’ve had enough of them to balance the scales.”

18. Using a Dating App

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One user posted, “Used a dating app.”

Another user replied, “Have been married for almost two decades. Based on all the hoops, it looks like heterosexual men are jumping through just to get a date on these apps; if I ever end up single, I guess I’m just staying single and celibate.”

One user disagreed and said, “It’s not as bad as many guys say. You just need to keep yourself clean and well-groomed and work on your knowledge of socializing. And if that doesn’t work, lower your standards. I’ve seen a lot of stories on Reddit where someone has a friend who can’t get a date, but their standards are way too high. It’s like going on a dating app and only tapping yes to the ones you find super attractive.

“Sure, you should be attracted to your partner, but many people focus on the flaws and have this image in their mind of this perfect, flawless partner that simply isn’t out there because we’re all human and have flaws.”

19. Paying Credit Card Interest

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One user shared, “Paid a penny of credit card interest.”

Another user also added, “Same here. I was always taught credit cards are for building credit and getting points. Never actually treat them as buying something on credit.”

One commenter replied, “Same. I use my credit card a lot because I want that cash back, but it’s always paid off at the end of the month.”

20. Going On TikTok

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One Redditor shared, “Been on Tiktok.”

Another added, “Never have and never will.”

One commenter replied, “Yeah, I am trying to leave half of the social media, not join more.”

Another user said, “I agree. I quit FB a couple of years ago. I’ve never had anything else. I’ve been on Reddit a lot the last couple of days. Maybe I’m getting lonely. lol.”

Do you have a common thing you haven’t done and would like to share? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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