People will always have preferences and something to say about celebrities. What you might love may not be the same for others. Whether it’s about their past behaviors, legal issues, or feuds with other celebrities, here is a list of celebrities people on Reddit just cannot stand.

Do you have some celebs on your list too? Maybe they’re here!

1. Ezra Miller

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Miller is known for playing the Flash and has been in the headlines for his past behavior when he got into trouble with the authorities.

“My daughter was going name her second child Ezra, but we lucked out and she's having a girl. I loved loved loved Perks of being a Wallflower, but I can't get past him now as Patrick.” Another one shared emphasizing Miller’s role as the Flash “makes me sick that a person who's done those terrible things could be portraying a superhero.”

2. Chris Brown

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Who wouldn’t forget about what Chris Brown did to Rihanna in 2009? While it's already been 14 years, some people don’t forget, especially RiRi’s fans. “Literally I don’t even know how his career wasn’t 100% destroyed after what he did to Rihanna,” one user stated. Another added, “I think she publicly stated she forgave him and still loved him and some people took that as a pass to forget”

3. Jake Paul and Logan Paul brothers

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The Logan brothers have always been in the spotlight, and with it comes controversy. One Reddit user said, emphasizing Logan Paul's WWE career, “It seems you haven’t realized yet, Logan only fights people older/past their prime (or even medium best)/out of shape/lighter weight, and even then they’re told not to win if they want the big payout.”

Another one replied, “And still made millions, the Paul brothers figured out how to market disdain.” The third commenter also added, “Over Xmas some obnoxious guy sat next to me on the airport tram. Singing out loud and giving off major bad energy. Then I hear a teenage girl say ‘omg are you Logan Paul?' It was him alright.”

4. The Jenners

Kylie Jenner
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When talking about celeb controversies, who would miss The Jenners?

One person said, “The Kadarshians.” While these families are not entirely different, some consider them all the same. “Them too. They are all plastic so not a big difference,” another person agreed. “I find it interesting you said Jenner's most people I know just say Kardashians and that includes the Jenner's as well.” 

5. Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby is famous for his show in the early 80s and 90s. He is also well-known for other controversial things, such as being charged with assaulting a 16-year-old girl. “Makes me so sad to agree. I hate what he did. He was such a wholesome TV Dad, along with his comedy sketches,” one person shared. “I’m getting more and more disgusted by the people around me. The fact that Bill already has shows lined up for him in 2023 makes me sick. So many people support and love terrible people & I’m just losing faith in our general public,” another Reddit user replied and agreed.

6. Kanye West

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Having Kanye West around isn’t surprising. With his recent comment about Hitler, he can get on people’s nerves. “I never thought I would watch a black man paraphrase ‘Hitler did nothing wrong' and make Alex Jones look reasonable. And yet here we are.” Finally, one person added, “Kanye needs to get on meds BAD.”

7. Ellen DeGeneres

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One Reddit user said, “I knew there was something creepy about her pretend acting happiness. She wasn't even good at it. I never understood how people didn't see it or feel it.” That was when, BuzzFeed reported claims of sexual harassment, racial insensitivity, and bullying in 2020. Ellen’s show also come to an end when ratings continued to drop. Another person added, “I've heard alot of bad stories about her. She treats people like crap alot of times including her staff.”


8. Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace
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Nancy is known for her show, which talked about current events and celebrity headlines every night from 2005 to 2016. She has also been involved in a few controversies that have led people to despise her. “She farted on TV and tried to blame the guy next to her,” one Reddit user remembered. Another one replied, “Nancy Grace is scum, she exploited families left and right, families who had loved ones gone missing or killed. She interviewed a woman whose kids was abducted, Nancy dragged through the coals so bad, the woman ended up taking her life after she did that interview.”


9. Machine Gun Kelly

Colson Baker Machine Gun Kelly
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Colson Baker or Machine Gun Kelly don’t also escape from controversies. One Reddit user said,

“He got dissed so bad by em he had to switch genres.”

“He switched, then he decided dissing Slipknot was a good idea,” said another.

10. Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate
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Andrew Tate’s controversy has been making headlines recently following his arrest. He is accused of many things—human trafficking, misogynistic remarks, and bad behavior. “i hate andrew tate as much as most sane people but it is still innocent till proven guilty,” said one person. “You know he confessed to doing everything he’s been arrested for, right? Like it was right on his website. In his own words,” another one replied.

Did you have someone on this list? Hope you enjoyed today's Reddit picks of celebrities that people couldn’t simply stand.

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