10 Best Ideas for Making Money on the Side

Are you searching for legitimate ways to start bringing in extra cash flow? Unfortunately, thousands of get-rich-quick scams and spammy surveys are vying for your attention. However, these are legit ways to make extra money after polling the internet.

1. Picking Worms

“Pick worms at night on golf courses and sell them to fishermen in the morning. $150 a day, all cash. Unlimited supply and costs less than $10 to get started. You walk around with a flashlight and pick up worms from the ground into a bucket at night. People buy worms for vermicomposting and fishing, and it's good money. ” suggested one.

2. Donate Blood or Plasma

“Donate plasma. You get cookies and juice for giving blood. Then, you get sweet cash for the plasma,” replied one. Another warned, “This money-making tip is not for everyone as you cannot have certain medical conditions such as diabetes, high or low blood pressure, or anemia.”

3. Start Cleaning

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“While in college, I started a small cleaning business,” another shared. “Go get a couple of dollars of cleaning supplies and offer to clean dorm rooms. It shouldn't be terrible, and some people will pay you to do the laundry and wipe off their desks.”

4. Clinical Trials

“Sign up for clinical trials. Some trials last a few days, and others that pay more can last several weeks,” someone added. Another replied, “I did one of those where I wasn't allowed nicotine or caffeine the entire day. It wasn't fun. Opened my eyes to my addiction.”

Finally, one shared, “Sometimes you can also find studies where all you do is fill out a survey, and they compensate you for your time. Try to find the psychology department at your school and ask about the studies they run.”

“My school used to have a whole website, and as a psych major, I had to do like two per semester and got paid.”

5. Yard Maintenance

One replied, “You can get a pressure washer reasonably and distribute flyers for services.” Another added, “Yes to the flyers. Also, you could mow some lawns and offer to trim the hedges.”

6. Dog Walking

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“You can also offer dog walking,” another replied. “Wag and Rover are apps that pay you to walk dogs or dog-sit, either in your own home or in their home. I signed up and got accepted within three days. It's good part-time money.”

7. Get a Part-Time Job

“Honestly, you will serve yourself best in the long run by picking up a couple of shifts at an easy part-time job. So many ideas thrown at you would be more work and less money than waiting tables eight hours a week or finding a part-time online job to rake in some extra cash,” someone suggested.

8. Selling Books

There are a couple of ways to make money selling books. First, you can sell dollar store or thrift store books on eBay. Or you can write books and self-publish on Amazon if you have the knowledge to share with others. Self-publishing on Amazon is not as difficult as you may think.

9. Freelancing

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Take up some freelancing work. Different websites exist where clients are looking for skilled people to do something they don't want. For example, Task Rabbit has people doing home repairs, cleaning, running errands, etc. Some sites offer writing, editing, and other virtual assistant services.

10. Become a Tutor

Become a tutor! One said, “Becoming a tutor isn't difficult and is a great way to earn extra income. Websites like Tutor exist to match you with students who would benefit from the subject you tutor.”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is something missing from the list?

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