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25 Popular TV Shows People Refuse to Watch

Is there a beloved show that you actively try to avoid for reasons? I'll go. First, I stayed away from Dexter because, from what I heard, it seemed a little ... Read more

10 Popular TV Shows That Addressed COVID in Their Storylines

The new Netflix film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery did a brilliant job incorporating Covid into the film's storyline. So it prompted someone to ask the internet which TV shows ... Read more

10 Movies To Seriously Love That People Have Never Seen

Are you tired of watching the same blockbuster movies over and over again? Are you searching for hidden gems that mainstream audiences have yet to discover? Look no further. Reddit ... Read more

10 Best Movies Where the Americans Are Evil

The portrayal of Americans in films has often been a polarizing topic. While some movies depict Americans as heroic and noble figures, others paint a more sinister picture. This Redditor-inspired ... Read more

25 Seriously Controversial Movie Opinions That Will Make You Pause

The Criterion Collection is a neat company with over 1000+ notable films. In addition, on every 15th of the month, they add a handful of newly restored titles to the ... Read more

25 Best Movies With Scenes Where Men Get Emotional and Cry

Recently someone in an online film forum explained that they needed movies with scenes where men cry and show emotions to show a male teenage client who is really into ... Read more

25 Big Movies With Production Nightmares Most People Don’t Know

Several big movies with significant nightmare productions have some seriously delicious tea. After a recent polling on the internet, here are twenty-five films with disasters that made filming difficult. 1. ... Read more

These 10 Movies Are Terrible And Are Still People’s Favorites

We've all been there – sitting through a movie that we can't help but cringe at, but somehow it still manages to hold a special place in our hearts. Whether ... Read more

Top 10 Visually Stunning Movies of All Time

From breathtaking landscapes to mind-bending special effects, Redditors announced these movies to transport us to other worlds and leave us in awe. These films will leave a lasting impression and ... Read more

10 Celebrities Who Are Actors and Musicians and The Best at Both

Several celebrities are both in the acting business and music industries. So which celebrity is both an actor and a musician best at BOTH? After polling the internet, these are ... Read more
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