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Nocturnal Animals, Jake Gyllenhaal

10 Wow Movies That Will Blow Your Mind and Aren’t on Every List

Mind-melting movies can transport us to different worlds, make us feel emotions we never thought possible, and challenge our perceptions of reality. Someone recently asked Reddit for the best films ... Read more

10 Terrible Movies That Everyone Seems to Love Unironically

There is no shortage of stupid movies; more are added to the library yearly. However, despite being ridiculous to some, others genuinely love these films. After asking for examples of ... Read more
Mortal Kombat Annihilation, Sandra Hess

25 Worst Movies People Ever Watched in the Theaters

Have you ever been excited about a film enough to go to the theater, and spend a fortune on concessions, only to be disappointed beyond belief in the movie? After ... Read more

25 Terrible Movies That Somehow Got Nominated for Best Picture

Is there a film that received critical acclaim and a nomination for Best Picture that has you scratching your head? Then, you’ve got company. After someone asked a popular online ... Read more

10 Actors People Despise So Much They Won’t Watch Any of Their Movies

Can you name an actor or actress that you can not watch in anything? You despise them so much that you refuse to watch anything they are a part of. ... Read more

10 Terribly Unfunny Comedians According to the Internet

Is there a comedian that you don’t understand why people love so much? Same. I don’t know how many times I’ve put a stand-up comedy special on and not been impressed. ... Read more
Woman with money showing thumbs down

12 Things the Pandemic Ruined More Than People Realize

While scrolling the front page of the internet, I encountered an interesting question, “What did the pandemic ruin more than we realize?” The answers are fascinating, and here are the ... Read more

10 Clever Movies That Are Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

Everyone enjoys a good film that makes you think throughout watching it. But the real prize is getting a movie that melts your brain well after the film ends and ... Read more

10 Funniest Women of All Time According to the Internet

Who do you feel is the funniest woman comedian of all time? It doesn’t have to be a standup; it could be an actress or sitcom star. After polling the ... Read more

10 Blockbuster Movies People Admitted They’ve Never Seen

What movie haven’t you seen that everyone else has? I’ll go first. I’ve never seen a single Harry Potter film. Even better, I own the books and haven’t ever opened them. Nonetheless, ... Read more
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