10 Terribly Unfunny Comedians According to The Internet

Is there a comedian that you don't understand why people love so much? Same. I don't know how many times I've put a stand-up comedy special on and not been impressed. After polling the internet, “Who is the most unfunny comedian in your opinion?” These are the top-voted answers.

1. Rob Schneider

“I saw him live for a New Year's Eve special. He was snide, condescending, and not funny. People walked out at all different points during the show. We toughened it out for the complimentary champagne at midnight,” one person admitted. Others argued he's annoying in all the Adam Sandler movies too.

2. Joe Rogan

“The man sucks the funny out of the room. So lucky he has a platform for funny people to come on,” one shared. “I've only seen his two Netflix specials. They were alright but hardly top-tier like he imagined himself to be,” a second suggested.

3. Jimmy Fallon

“He especially annoys me when he has comedians on the show. Jimmy Fallon acts like a little kid who is jealous he isn't getting attention and spends the whole time trying to insert himself or mimic what the other person is saying,” another stated.

4. Dane Cook

“Dane Cook became as popular as he did because of his delivery. He had dollar store material but top-shelf delivery. He can make anything sound funny the first time. Still, there are diminishing returns when you hear it multiple times,” one person noted.

5. Jeff Dunham

“Jeff Dunham was never funny; for some reason, every old person thought he was the greatest thing in the world,” one person said. “For years, I was going around telling people that I like Jeff Dunham. Then, I watched another special of his years later and was like, Oh God. Everyone thinks I like this,” another user confessed.

6. Carlos Mencia

“He admitted to standing at the back during young up-and-coming comics' sets and stealing any good bits. That's a dirty move,” one person declared. “Carlos Mencia stole so much from other people. I suspect he absorbed his twin in the womb,” another joked.

7. Pete Davidson

“I hate to say it because I relate to him as a person, but Pete Davidson is not funny. If your first three specials are about how much of a pothead you are, that's not even comedy; it's just sad,” someone suggested. “Thank You! I wonder why people think he's funny. His jokes are stale, and he tries dark humor, and his delivery is also dry,” another agreed. “I thought he was funny in Bodies, Bodies, Bodies.”

8. Ellen DeGeneres

“A lot of comedians are jerks. Ellen would have been fine if she hadn't given herself a wholesome image. Just be honest about who you are. Your brand can be less than 100% real, but it must at least be somewhat accurate,” replied one.

9. Amy Schumer

“She's a joke thief. That's why she gets the hate. As for being a talented comedy writer, that's entirely subjective, and I don't find her to be a talented comic in either performance or writing,” another remarked.

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10. Brendan Schaub

“As far as podcasting goes, I've been aware of Brendan for a while, and I have to say his confidence has increased to a degree dramatically disproportionate to his comedic abilities. All he does now is interrupt funny people and derail bits, making anything he does unlistenable,” a final user commented.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is your favorite comedian on this list?

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