10 Actors People Despise So Much They Won’t Watch Any of Their Movies

Can you name an actor or actress that you can not watch in anything? You despise them so much that you refuse to watch anything they are a part of. One person asked, “Which actor do you despise so much that you won't watch a movie with them in it?” Many visitors of a frequented online forum named a few, and here are some of their answers.

1. Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal is a terrible actor. His martial arts displays are abysmal, and he is not a very nice person, word around the Hollywood block. On the other hand, several individuals denoted, “He is an amazing method actor; he's been in character for over forty years!”

2. Kevin Bacon

After seeing him portray such a convincing dirtbag in The River Wild, many stated they couldn't see him in any other light for many years. Which, honestly, says a lot more about his acting prowess than him as a person.

3. Jennifer Lopez

She just gives off threatening bully vibes when she is on screen. Due to her ever-menacing presence onscreen, any bit of humor is sucked out of anything J-Lo is a part of.

4. Andy Dick

One commenter elaborates that the best thing about Andy Dick is that John Lovitz punched him in the face. He isn't hilarious, he's not a good person, and he's a little annoying.

5. Elisabeth Moss

Elizabeth Moss must be an alumnus of the Tribiani School of Acting, specializing in “smell the fart” acting. Her facial expressions are mainly over the top and always take away from what's happening around her in the scene.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow

Have you ever been so hungry that your head was in a total fog, and you weren't yourself? Several people claimed that's what Gwyneth Paltrow seems to be experiencing. Unfortunately for her, it seems to be a perpetual state.

7. Common

Another recalls a not-so-friendly interaction with the Rapper Actor where he tried to use his celebrity status to get ahead of the line at a local Footlocker in a city he was filming in. Safe to say Common lost at least one listener/ viewer after their altercation

8. Woody Allen

Aside from his films not being very funny, they all carry the same general preference where an older man is trying to woo a younger woman. Couple that with the fact that he married his stepdaughter, and Woody Allen is undoubtedly out.

9. Tom Cruise

Individuals feel like he gives off psychopathic vibes, and that excludes the notion that he is a member of the church of Scientology. Others noted a rumor that Christian Bale used Cruise as a reference for the portrayal of the character Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

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10. Terrance Howard

Not only does this man believe that one multiplied by one equals two, but he also came up with his own math to support it. Terrance Howard created Terryology back in 2015, and he said his new logic language would prove his theory correct. But I'm pretty sure nothing further came of it.

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