10 Terrible Movies That Everyone Seems to Love Unironically

There is no shortage of stupid movies; more are added to the library yearly. However, despite being ridiculous to some, others genuinely love these films. After asking for examples of the movies in question, these are the top-voted responses.

1. The Jurassic World Movies

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The release of the inaugural Jurassic Park film in 1993 was a fantastic moment. The innovative premise, stunning landscapes, and remarkable depiction of dinosaurs were adored by all. Additionally, the brilliance of the John Williams musical score added to its allure.

However, as time went on throughout the series' development, it quickly became dull. The concept remained the same, lacking any meaningful content. One user suggested, “It seems they focus only on CGI, and there is no budget left to write a good plot. It's a mystery as to how their fan following still exists.”

2. Most Marvel Movies

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Many people agreed that superhero films were fantastic upon their initial production. However, the genre has been excessively exploited far past its original purpose. It becomes tiring to stay abreast of the countless supervillains, virtuous mutants, evil mutants, unwilling heroes, distressed heroes, and all those in the middle, not to mention the recent addition of TV shows.

Someone suggested they ran out of superpowers, so they gave a guy a bunch of arrows and a bow. “He has to run back to collect his used arrows. What a superhero! Not at all crapping on Jeremy Renner, just the character. He's a fantastic actor.”

3. The Transformers Franchise

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Like the Jurassic World franchise, the first movie was excellent, but the further you go, the worse it gets. Some suggested that Michael Bay (the director) focuses all his energy on the fights, chases, and explosions and calls it a day. But he sticks to the format because the Transformer movies still make him money. “But it's been done.”

4. The Twilight Series

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The Twilight five-film movie franchise has a cult following, but the movies are terrible. One stated they are the type where you know you hate the predictable plot, the acting is awful, but you're guilty of binge-watching it once a year. “How do you say it? It's terrible, and that's why it's good.” It could be the nostalgia that made the series fan base obsessed,  

5. The Fifty Shades Film Trilogy

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Many agree that the Fifty Shades series is a horribly written story about a psychological stalker psycho who is into bedroom things. He's good-looking and rich, and there are mild bedroom scenes every fifteen minutes. But, one asked, “Should that be enough reason for people to love it? I don't think so.”

6. Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961)

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At the risk of sounding controversial, let's analyze what this movie offers. One noted that a woman (Audrey Hepburn) gets sugar daddies and “customers” to pay for her life. And a guy (George Peppard) lives with a sugar mama.

When they two meet, they have something to bond over. Both of them have no careers and sleep with people for money. That's it. “I could never understand the massive hype around this film.”

7. Avatar (2009)

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Several Redditors agreed that they never understood the hype around Avatar and are even less confused by its recent resurrection. One asked, “Take away the CGI and cinematography, and what are you left with, honestly? The most uncomplicated plot in Hollywood history. Okay, maybe that's overstating things, but you get the idea.”

8. The Shape Of Water (2017)

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One said, “Another one of those lovely-lady-loves-a-monster movies. Nothing original.” It shows a mute woman discovering a mysterious creature whom she bonds with and falls in love. Now, she must rescue it from evil government agents. “Why would they give it an Academy Award? Guillermo del Toro (the director) had already made much better movies.”

9. A Quiet Place (2018)

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In this horror movie, Earth has been invaded by blind aliens who have crazy sharp hearing. A family struggles to survive and communicate with sign language. Someone suggested, “The number of plot holes in this film is too many to count. I mean, no one snored in their sleep? No one farted? Really?”

10. La La Land (2016)

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An actress (Emma Stone) and a pianist (Ryan Gosling) fall in love, but they must also focus on their careers. One noted, “Yeah! That's it. No one remembers the songs after a week of watching the movie, and a month later, you have a hard time remembering the lead actors' names.

It is the kind of money where you can see that a lot of money went into production, but when the credits start to roll, you are left with no reaction.”

Source: Reddit.

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