12 Things The Pandemic Ruined More Than People Realize

While scrolling the front page of the internet, I encountered an interesting question, “What did the pandemic ruin more than we realize?” The answers are fascinating, and here are the top-voted responses.

1. It's Affected, Kids

“As a teacher, it's affected kids in a way people don't realize. So kids who had their first year of school during the pandemic act differently than kids with a standard introduction to school.”

“Many seem to have fewer social skills and higher anxiety than kids from previous years.” Another admitted, “I work in pre-school, and this year we have at least 3x the number of special needs (speech and language delay) children.”

2. The Used Car Market

“The used car market is completely fubar, as are flight prices,” one stated. “It's scary. I have an older car, and I'm one accident away from being unable to afford a new vehicle.”

“Before you could get a decent car for $10k to $15k, in the area of the states that I live in, I saw a 1999 vehicle with ~250k miles going for $12k. Car lots in my area are STILL up-charging for their cars on their lot. Ford Mavericks (base is $19k) are going for around ~$50k.”

3. The Notion That We Were in This Together

“We were never in this together. Many people were in it with us until they encountered the slightest inconvenience. Then they went feral,” one suggested. “We were for about a month until it became a corporate catchphrase and just another means of division,” another added.

“Add in that god-awful celebrity montage music video. These dill holes live in mansions while the rest of us fight over toilet paper and Velveeta cheese. Yeah, great song,” another snickered.

4. Virtual School Instead of Snow Days

“No more missing school on snow days. I'm not even in school anymore, and I'm outraged about that,” one person expressed. Another said, “Same. My friend is a teacher, and she said she assigns them snow activities; hopefully, all teachers do that.” Finally, others informed their districts are still allowing snow days.

5. Tons of Businesses Closed

“Where I am from, like half of the businesses permanently closed, ” one shared. “I think the pandemic was the nail in the coffin for A LOT of businesses already on the edge of just making it, and others have continued to struggle because things are more expensive.”

“For example, I've noticed I no longer go to sit-down restaurants because my grocery bills are costly. Why spend $40-50 for one meal when it costs $150-$200 every two weeks for groceries? It just doesn't make sense anymore for a lot of people.”

“The dining experience changed as a whole post-pandemic. Many places HAD to resort to Door Dash-type businesses to compensate for losses, which has changed the dining experience.”

6. The Price of Dining Out

“Price of eating out,” one replied. “Fast food is now almost the same price as a cheap sit-down restaurant pre-covid.” “It's often cheaper to go to a fast-casual sit down than to go to McDonald's for my family of three,” another confessed. “The entire hospitality industry. Up in price, way down in quality,” a third added. 

7. Everyone Is More Bitter

“I feel like everyone is more bitter now. Like we all saw through the sham of society. Time feels different now. Things feel off compared to pre-2020,” someone admitted. “When my country went into lockdown, I was free to continue working, and traffic was essentially non-existent. As soon as lockdowns finished, it seemed there was a massive increase in the aggression on the road,” another added.

8. Perception of Money

“My perception of money. I worked hard to pay off debt, save for a new house, and get promotions. But, with the rise of housing costs and inflation, I feel like money is a made-up thing, and I have no control over anything, even with all the right decisions,” someone said. 

Another painted a vivid picture, “As someone who saw the dot com fall and the 2008 shenanigans and then this. It all feels like again. It feels like there is just no point in working harder at all. These fat cats just come in, dump all the grit in the litter box, and walk away expecting someone else to clean it.”

“And then someone does. So the fat cats get loans that are forgiven, they get bailed out, they get off with no repercussions, and we are just left covered in excrement.”

9. Night Shift People's Lives

“Night shift people's lives,” replied one. “This is an excellent point. I work the second shift, so I stay up pretty late. Pre-pandemic, I could go grocery shopping, run a few errands, and grab some food somewhere at night but almost everywhere closes down by 9:00 p.m. now. Even fast food joints are rarely open 24 hours anymore,” another agreed.

10. Grocery Shopping at 2:00 A.M.

“Grocery shopping at 2:00 a.m. was the best thing ever. ” I have to shop with the rest of you hooligans now, and it sucks,” shared one. Another agreed, “That's the thing I miss the most. Going to Walmart at 1:00 a.m., so I don't have to deal with people blocking the aisles, walking slowly, or almost running you over with their cart because they're coming out of an aisle like it's a turn in NASCAR!”

11. It Ruined People on Traffic

“It ruined me on traffic, for one glorious year, as an essential worker, I had the roads almost entirely to myself. It was beautiful,” someone volunteered. Another shared, “Those were glorious days for us truck drivers. I drove through New York City at 8:00 a.m. on a Tuesday without ever touching the brakes.”

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12. Time Perception Changes

The number one voted response was time perception changes. One said, “I'm not sure if anyone else feels the same way, but my perception of time hasn't returned to normal since then.” Another shared science, “The brain lives off patterns and repetition. It allows it to ditch mundane things. It's why you can commute to work and not remember the commute.”

“For most people, pandemic years became a tedium of repeating the same limited routine day after day (like prison time), so at the end, the brain has tossed out most of the information from that time as “white noise” not worth processing. It's why novel experiences are essential to feeling a long life.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of things the pandemic ruined more than people realize.

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