10 Most Boring Sports to Watch of All Time

What's the most boring sport to watch? After polling the internet, people voted these ten sports to be the most boring to watch of all time.

1. Professional Fencing

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Pro fencing could be more entertaining. Fencers are moving so fast that you have no idea what is happening. One person added, “So it’s a couple of people with swords bouncing back and forth for about 30 seconds, SOMETHING happens, and then it’s over.”

2. Little League Tee Ball

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Another user suggested, “Little League Tee Ball when your kid isn't up.” Finally, a third agreed, “There is nothing as excruciatingly painful as that first year of “kids pitch” baseball in the heat and humidity of a Midwestern Summer day. I cried tears of joy when my kid gave up baseball in favor of Summer vacations.”

3. Drone Racing

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Did you know Drone Racing was a sport? Someone confessed, “I saw a drone racing on ESPN the other day, and I was like “what the heck am I watching?” While many agreed with the sentiment, others suggested it's probably fun to play.

4. American Sports

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American sports came in number four on this list. One said, “They're probably not the most boring, but the endless commercials and time-outs make American sports unbearable to watch.”

Several people agreed that the commercials make watching American sports, especially football, dreadful. One admitted to loving NFL football but not watching because it takes too long with advertisements. Another shared, “Redzone is your friend. Seven hours of commercial-free football.”

5. Golf

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Many people agreed that watching golf was dull. One added, “I thought watching golf was terrible until I had a long drive with my old boss during the U.S. Open. It turns out golf on the radio is worse.”

However, a ton of golfers argued in favor of watching the sport. Alledging that if you play the sport, it is not boring to watch. But they understood why people who don't play would find it boring.

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6. Rowing

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“Rowing,” one confessed, “I have been rowing competitively for years, and I understand the nuances, yet it's still the dullest thing in the world.” While most others agreed, one admitted to enjoying watching rowing at the Olympics.

7. Boxing or MMA Fight With Two Defensive Opponents

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Someone replied, “A boxing or MMA fight with two defensive fighters. Nothing is more boring than watching two people circle one another and actively avoid doing the one thing everyone is paying to see them do.” “Especially a heavyweight fight. The fighters are either bangers or duds, with no in-between,” another added.

8. Fishing

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Fishing made the number eight spot on this list, and I'm honestly surprised it's not higher. One user shared, “I used to film and edit for a fishing show, and can confirm.

I would have maybe 6-8 hours of footage that I'd cut down into the most exciting 22.5 minutes, which, if you don't get excited by slow-mo fish thrashing, you're in for a boring time.

9. Electronic Sports (Esports)

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If you don't play the game they are playing, watching esports is dull. One admitted, “As an Overwatch and OWL fan, even I can see how no one new to the game understands what's happening.”

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10. Surfing

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Surfing. Hours of contestants are just bobbing around the ocean, and commentators are trying their best to fill the gaps in the action. One user admitted, “I still watch almost every primary contest, though.”

Another added, “The first time I watched it was during the Olympics. I realized that there is not only skill but also strategy since you're head to head. I also learned there is so much waiting and bobbing.”

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