7 Work-From-Home Jobs That Are Trendy in 2017

If you are tired from the rat race and you are considering to start working from the comfort of your home, then perhaps 2017 is the right year to turn this idea into reality.

There are many reasons why this is a preferred job for many. And while in the past work-from-home jobs were considered mainly a side job or an additional income, now with the development of technologies it can be the main and only source for income.

Many large companies also turn to telecommuting as a preferred option to the overcrowded office spaces. Besides hiring people, who work remotely gives access to many skilled employees, who are otherwise unavailable at the local market.

There is a variety of positions that you can apply for but below you will find the top 7 jobs that will continue being trendy in 2017.

Finding the proper job

There are many opportunities to start working from home – you can be a freelancer in different areas or start your own small business or franchise. According to the demand on the market, however, there are several jobs that are among the most preferred ones. Here is a list of 7:

  1. Virtual assistant – basically your task will be to offer administrative assistance to different companies and helping them organize their daily routine. The job may include writing or responding to e-mails, preparing schedules, writing content, distributing business-related documents, etc.
  2. Transcriptionist – your task is to listen to a certain text and note it down. Currently medical transcriptionist are on demand, as this involves listening to doctors using specialized terminology on top of their heavy accent. Once you get used to the jargon, though, the job is not tough and all you need is a computer, desk and earphones.
  3. Translator – in our multilingual environment people who speak more than one language are a valuable asset and can easily find a job as translators. The more languages you speak or the more exotic they are, the higher the repayment is.
  4. Web developer/designer – the IT sector is a traditional employer for remote workers. As a self-employed in this sphere you can offer services that include website designs, code updates, hosting reviews and many other.
  5. Call center representative – many companies are outsourcing their call centers to other countries, where they can find cheaper labor but nowadays even more companies are turning to people who would answer the customer questions or organize telesales from the comfort of their home. Since a lot of companies offer 24/7 customer service, hiring people from different time zones can serve the purpose easier than making someone work in the small hours of the night.
  6. Blogger/Writer/Editor – a lot of companies need talented writers to support their blogs or news sections or edit an already submitted text by another contributor. The good news here is that you can give this job a try even if you didn’t have any prior experience, as long as the employer is willing to put their trust in you. Be aware that if you decide to start your own blog, you will need to invest a lot of time in it before it becomes profitable.
  7. Teacher/Tutor – distance learning is a well established concept and with the advanced multimedia technology, available software and high-speed internet the virtual classroom has become quite popular in recent years. It is used not only for additional courses in maths or foreign language but is also an established form of university and high school teaching.

If you can see yourself in one of these positions then simply go on and apply for it. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the most popular work-from-home jobs and the list is far from comprehensive, so you can always find something that suits you better.


Instead of a conclusion I shall note that in order to work from home you need to have one. Make sure to manage your mortgage payments properly and never delay them for more than 90 days as you might be faced with home foreclosure. Therefore, you should allocate your work-from-home money to pay your bills and settle any debts first and then to pamper yourself, as you deserve.

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