Get to know Amazon work from home jobs you can take on and tips on how to apply.

In the past few years, Amazon has become the top go-to site for consumers shopping worldwide. And because it has largely dominated the ecommerce space, it has also created more room for employment. Workers in Amazon unanimously say it’s a great company to work for. Thus, a lot more aspiring employees who got laid off and lost their jobs at the course of the crisis seek for the easiest ways on how to apply for Amazon work from home jobs.

Amazon is continuing to skyrocket and now offering more and more factory work, delivery, sales and customer service opportunities to workers all around the world.

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Amazon Work from Home Job Opportunities

Amazon Customer Service Representative

Amazon’s virtual call centers are largely comprised with home-based customer service employees who work at home. A lot of options to grow and enhance your customer service skills in this department with a defined system and polished work flow.

Amazon customer service representatives are in demand and they are available in different states. They are offer with a guaranteed hourly wage, although slots are usually filled quickly because a lot of aspirants really work hard for their own spot in the company.

In working this type of job, you would need to have a high-speed internet, computer, headphone and a phone line. This job will have you respond to emails and calls, moderate reviews, and answer customers’ questions via live chat.

Amazon has been hiring more virtual call centers who work from, and people are loving this setup especially those who already have their own families. It’s far more convenient and comfortable. There are many excellent opportunities to do here. However, in Amazon Flex, remote employees are not able to decide for their working hours quite as freely, and there are requirements for the job; a phone line and a high-speed internet for one.

The Amazon CS agent position can sometimes be temporary at first with a huge potential to grow and scaled to full time if you have proven your quality of workmanship in the company. Also, being able to speak multiple languages is a bonus for this work at home job.

Amazon Work from Home Job for Employee Relations

You can apply for the employee relations department on Amazon when you have at least a year of experience in the field. This job entails you to make sure that all the workers at Amazon are treated fairly. This company promotes a positive working environment, and so is what this job is all about.

Amazon is looking to hire for Employee Services Manager position from time to time. Although not all workers in the employee relations department are not required to outside, they can sometimes be asked to travel at least 50% of the time. A bachelor’s degree and a strong background is needed when applying for this job.

Work on Amazon as a Collaboration Specialist

Amazon also needs the help of collab specialists to expand the businesses in the global front. This job requires you to focus on assisting business customers on migrating, operating, managing and building Amazon Connect. It requires you to work together and harmoniously with AWS customers. What the Amazon Connect does is that it enables the customer to initiate a chat or call anytime they have issues, glitches or other problems that pertain to handling AWS products.

Working as a Collaboration Specialist is like having your own personal IT department in the work from home space where you can coach and teach your entire team about the guidelines on improving Amazon Connect with your own proven strategies.

Getting Paid in Working on Amazon

Interviews for Amazon work from home jobs are usually done via video chat or phone which allows you to sit comfortably on your couch. There will be training provided and also done at home with your own device and reliable internet service connection. Depending on the position though, you may still be required to go onsite, but again that just depends.

Working on these types of jobs, you are most likely expected to work at given hours especially for those that require customer service attention. The pay is determined according to your position.

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How to Apply for Amazon Work from Home Jobs

In the job section of Amazon’s website, you will see the part where it says “remote jobs”. Click it if all you are searching for is a homebased job on Amazon.

Go directly to the site by typing on your address bar and selecting Remote Career Opportunities. You may also search for Amazon jobs in Virtual Locations and start job hunting from there. You can search for the position you want to take on and apply filters using the check boxes on the left side to speed up your search.

Take a look on what’s available that can be perfect for your skills. To apply, prepare a cover letter with your resume. In your cover letter, highlight why you think you are a great fit for this job position and your strong working history background that can be a bonus to choosing you for the job.

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Bonus Tip: Apply for Amazon’s Top Influencer Program

Meanwhile, this one is an independent money making opportunity from Amazon, although you are not directly working in the company as an employee. This can be done if you have an established presence in social media. If you have huge thousands of followers, then you can try joining the Amazon Influencer Program where you can earn a commission every time any of your followers with whom you your referral code was used, buys item/s and have it shipped successfully to their address. With Amazon Influencer Program, you can do it freely and at anytime in the comfort of your home. You get credits every sale your follower makes from your referrals.

To be accepted in the program, you need to have an established social media account whether it be in YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. YouTube and Twitter channels have easy approval processes, while it takes at least 5 days to be approved on Instagram and Facebook.

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