How to Become a Digital Nomad and Work While You Travel The World!

Working from anywhere seems to be a very attractive way to have a career nowadays. Know what it takes to become a digital nomad.

Becoming a digital nomad and working from wherever you are in the world is a dream shared by so many. Although travelling while you work may have seemed impossible 10 years ago, it’s beginning to feel like the new norm. With our world consistently turning more and more digital and companies beginning to offer more remote work positions, this dream has become fairly attainable! The Covid 19 pandemic has also supercharged this new reality as working remotely became normalized basically overnight due to social distancing. The opportunity to take advantage of traveling while still working full time has never been easier!

 Although making this transition may seem frightening at first, it will be so worth it when you finally take that leap and end up working from some of the most beautiful countries in the world. I’m hoping that this guide can be a great resource to you and will give you a good place to start when planning your exciting remote work journey ahead.

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Benefits of Working While Travelling

I think I can say with some confidence that becoming a digital nomad and working from your laptop no matter where you are in the world is one of the fastest growing trends in 2021. With a push from the pandemic and people looking to escape from the home they’ve been locked up in for the last year and a half, becoming a digital nomad has never been more desired. 

Researchers are expecting that by 2030, there will be roughly 1 billion people living the nomadic lifestyle and working from wherever they please simply via their laptop. So why is this way of life becoming increasingly popular? 

Aside from people wanting to escape their hometowns they’ve been stuck in for way too long now due to the covid restrictions, there’s also a long list of other benefits that living your life as a digital nomad can provide. The following list explores the top benefits to adopting this flexible workstyle and travelling while you work. 

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1. Reduced Stress

One of the greatest parts about working remotely is that you can choose what kind of environment you work in. You will no longer have to worry about that loud chewer that sits beside you, or the co-worker that comes into work grumpy every day and brings down your mood. You will also not have to worry anymore about what to wear into the office and whether it will be acceptable and comfortable to sit it for 8 hours of the day. All these little things that can occur on a day-to-day basis in the office, can very easily begin to add up and induce unnecessary stress, thus decreasing your motivation, productivity, and overall well-being. When you choose your own working environment you are finally able to take control over your peace and rid any previous stressors that had been consuming you. Additionally, if you do choose to work from another beautiful part of the world, this will likely lead to increased energy and motivation since you will want to have your work completed quickly so that you still have lots of time to explore. 

2. You get to see the world!

Okay I take it back… I think that this must be the greatest benefit of all time to working remotely. If all you need is a laptop and you can work from wherever you want, why not explore the world! You have the flexibility to literally live and work from wherever you want! Visit the countries you have always dreamed of, make new friends, and eat lots of new foods. The memories you make travelling are ones that you will never forget and never regret. If you’re still thinking about it, don’t forget that you can also vlog your trip to make some extra cash and look back on your wonderful memories!

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3. You get to make your own schedule 

This is another amazing benefit to working remotely. When it’s just you taking full control over your schedule, you can really work at whatever times you want as long as you’re still meeting your deadlines. If you couldn’t stand having to wake up at 6am everyday to get to the office by 7am or 8am, you will no longer need to! You can adjust your work hours to be much more flexible and to a schedule that feels best for you. Everyone’s different and it’s totally fine to not want to wake up early every day! Some people even work best at night! You can also take as many or as few breaks as you need. Nobody will be watching over your shoulder asking you when you will be back. The other benefit to this is that with most remote jobs, it won’t matter what time zone you’re in as long as you’re careful about scheduling meetings at the correct time. Other than that, you can pretty much travel freely in whatever time zone you like! 

4. No more commuting (unless it’s for pleasure)

I must say that I certainly do not envy those people who have hour + long commutes to work and back every single day. That must get exhausting! Did you know that the average commute to work in the United States is 27 minutes? This means that on average people are spending around an hour just in their commute to and from work. Research has shown that anything longer than a 30 minute commute can lead to increased levels of cholesterol, blood sugar and a greater risk of depression. Thankfully, with a remote work life you will no longer need to worry about the commute! Work from home, work from the coffee shop 5 minutes away or travel the world! Nobody is forcing you to go anywhere! This will also save you so much money!

5. Financial Advantages

It feels as though North America has become increasingly more expensive to live, yet our salaries have not gone up accordingly. Millennials are beginning to find it more difficult to buy their first home or find a decent place to rent for a fair price. Many young people are even finding it difficult just to pay off their debts before they’ve even purchased a first home or car. What I love about a nomadic lifestyle is that it gives you the flexibility to live wherever you want. Places like Southeast Asia can provide luxurious homes and incredible foods for just a fraction of the price you would find in America. This is why there is such a large presence of remote workers in Bali, Indonesia. Plus, if you do this correctly, you can get away with living for a very cheap price while also not having to worry about paying taxes. Did you know that the proposed tax rates for top earners in California, will likely soar to 53.8% in the coming years? Crazy!! Get out while you can!

6. Finding Remote Work Opportunities 

It appears the entire world has come to appreciate the remote work lifestyle. Even major companies are beginning to make huge leaps to shift 50-100% of their employees into remote work positions. Not only is it cost effective for these companies, but research has shown that when working remotely, people are 47% more productive than those who are in the office, so there are certainly huge benefits all around! No company should want to pass this up. Check out my top 5 productivity tips to working remotely!

For these reasons, there are already so many companies looking to hire for remote positions, so the search for an opportunity shouldn’t be too hard. Check out my article on  Companies that are already making the transition to remote work here. 

If you’re just looking for some short-term projects to take on as a remote freelancer, be sure to check out where you can easily find millions of remote work opportunities. 

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Important Thing to Consider Before Beginning Your Journey 

Although you may be eager to jump on a plane and get going right away, you should make sure you have most things planned out ahead of time to avoid any problems. You don’t necessarily have to plan out exactly where you want to go and you can leave that on a loose timeline, but keep in mind some of the following things that you absolutely should be planning for before your departure:

1. Do you have enough money? 

Although you will be working while you travel, most people find that they end up spending a lot more than they had budgeted for. It’s an easy mistake to make as we don’t necessarily plan for all the cool friends we meet along the way who may want to have some fun dinners out or spend a few extra dollars on a boat tour or scuba diving. People will also be telling you constantly what cool places you should visit next.

Since you have the flexibility to work from anywhere, you may end up booking a few more plane tickets that you may have originally thought. This will add up quickly! My best advice would be to save a good amount beforehand and create an emergency fund for yourself. This way you can live off what you are making from work, but if expenses start to rack up unexpectedly you will be able to deal with it by using the money you have already put aside. 

2. What is the living situation going to be like?

This is an equally as important thing to consider before departing on your journey. Living conditions can drastically vary by country so you need to ensure that you are venturing somewhere that is going to provide everything you need for your desired level of comfort. Additionally, it’s important to research what areas are deemed safe for travellers, and which are not.

The last thing you want is to end up in a situation where you land in a very dangerous area and have yet to book a place to stay. Additionally, if you plan on renting a place for a longer period, make sure you have some extra money set aside in case any cleaning or small repair fees come up unexpectedly. 

3. Are there people or pets in your life that are dependent on you?

Before your big departure, ensure that you have taken care of any dependencies you may have at home. Of course, it would be easy enough to take your dog or your child with you on this big adventure, but if you have any pets that cannot come with you or an elderly parent or grandparent you’ve been looking after, do make sure you have arranged for alternative means of care for them.

You certainly don’t want to leave the country and be constantly feeling anxious about the responsibilities you have at home. 

Make Sure you Have Your Work Needs Covered 

Ensuring that all your work needs are covered while you’re travelling is also a key piece of the puzzle to have figured out before your departure. I know it’s easy to say that nothing will change since you work from your laptop anyways and it will all just be easy with no issues… but… have you thought about how travelling in perhaps a different time zone will change your schedule? Have you considered a plan of what you will do if you don’t have WIFI?

Have you investigated the visa laws of each country you will be visiting?

Dedicate a few weeks to thoroughly researching each of these areas before you do take off on your journey. You will thank me later! 

Bon Voyage!!

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