In this BlockFi review, I’ll teach you how to invest in cryptocurrency the right way and earn bonuses using the platform.

The market has seen a major growth in the past few years, with innovative companies being created to make the trading experience easier. There are several platforms for people who want to invest into cryptocurrency and for these people, BlockFi was created. In this BlockFi review, I’m sharing with you the amazing pros I love about using this platform and few cons that go along with it

BlockFi is a lending platform which provides financial solutions for anyone who wants to start investing into cryptocurrency. The company also offers more than just a loan service, it allows users to become their own bank as well.

BlockFi Review: How Does BlockFi Work?

If you’re wondering how does BlockFi work – here’s an answer: like any other banks or lending platforms, Block Fi places funds of its clients into an investment fund. However, this one is special as it invests only in cryptocurrencies and fiat.

BlockFi review

The investment fund consists of short-term US treasuries, and a number of high-quality cryptocurrencies. The lending platform maintains the risk by investing in several different platforms (both fiat and crypto). As these investments are quite volatile, they return to normal levels in the near future. By making the right predictions you can make more profit on this type of money management strategy.

BlockFi offers loans from $2,000 up to $10 million for a period between 6 to 36 months with an annual percentage rate which can go above 10% depending on your credit score. For example, if you have poor credit it will take you longer time to get accepted while interest rates are higher as well – ranging from 7% up to 18% per year.

For those who have established credit history, BlockFi allows you to get loans with lower interest rates which can go from 3% up to 8% as well. However, the loan amounts are smaller compared to other clients – ranging between $2,000 and $5 million in volume. Depending on your portfolio’s value you’ll need a high credit score so that they believe that you can repay the entire sum of money within a fixed amount of time.

The cryptocurrency lending platform is a great way for anyone who wants to invest into crypto but doesn’t want to worry about selling it when the market gets worse due to some external factors (e.g. ban from governments). By opening an account at BlockFi, you can get rid of all these worries as they help with managing your funds.

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Why Use BlockFi in Cryptocurrency Investing

So, why should you choose BlockFi when investing into cryptocurrency? In this BlockFi review, here are some reasons I want to share:

If BlockFi had bitcoin as collateral back in 2015, people would have been able to borrow up to the full amount they where looking for

The platform has existed since 2017, offering loans with no deposit needed. Although this is not really a proof of their reliability, it shows that they are here to stay for the long run as there is little risk of them going bankrupt in the near future.

The company was created by former Goldman Sachs employees who wanted to make investing into cryptocurrency easier, safer and faster for clients around the world. They’ve managed to do so because now you can get your hands on some cash even without having just one bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency), thanks to their investments in a wide range of cryptocurrencies and fiat.

BlockFi also offers investment opportunities to family offices, large enterprises, hedge funds, and other institutional investors. This is not only another proof that the company is here to stay, but also it proves their credibility on the market.

Small businesses can open an account at BlockFi as well, so if you are running one, you can invest into your own business by getting a loan from BlockFi instead of asking your bank for help. The interest rates may be higher than when using a bank but still lower than most credit card companies offer to their customers.

BlockFi invests only in cryptocurrencies that have proven their worth. The investment fund which the platform uses consists of two-thirds of stablecoins and one third cryptoassets. By choosing this kind of portfolio structure, BlockFi proves its clients that it has experience when handling volatile assets. You’ll be able to invest into a number of different coins without worrying about a sudden drop in price due to external factors (e.g. government regulations). It also guarantees security for your funds while maintaining a high level of profitability over short periods of time;

BlockFi boasts top-notch services. Unlike other platforms, BlockFi allows you to browse cryptocurrency prices and check their values. The interface is user-friendly due to its minimalist approach yet it makes your life much easier by offering multiple options at once. If you need some help or support, there’s a live chat on the page which is moderated 24/7 by one of their representatives who are always ready to provide assistance.

BlockFi accepts U.S customers only. Although this is quite unfortunate for those who live in other parts of the world, BlockFi has plans to expand in Europe as well so that more people can get involved with crypto investment opportunities without risking too much money.

BlockFi Review: Is it Safe to Use?

The platform manages all your funds in a secure way so that you don’t have to worry about their safety or profitability. They provide loans with high rates but also offer low interest rate solutions if you have good credit history.

The best thing about this lending service is that it’s secured by cryptoassets which makes it a lot more appealing than other similar companies. If you’re looking for a reliable, secure and easy to use platform which offers high profitability rates, BlockFi is the best choice for you.

Investing into cryptocurrencies may seem a bit too risky for some people, especially due to unregulated market and intractable volatility. However, there are ways of profiting from these assets without risking your money. BlockFi is a perfect choice if you want a safe environment while gaining profit over the long-term period of time.

Opening an investment platform trading account allows investors to trade on cryptocurrencies without having large amounts of cryptos in their wallets at once. Contacting a financial advisor may help you to learn more about the platform.

If you need a loan, BlockFi is the place where you can get it with no deposit needed. One of their representatives will look through your profile and check that everything is alright in order for them to lend money to you.

The crypto market is growing day by day as more and more people start investing into cryptocurrency but this kind of investment requires some patience and good knowledge about how things work on the market. Opening an account at BlockFi might be a great choice for beginners who want to invest in cryptocurrency without having all these problems themselves – this way they don’t have to worry about selling their cryptos when the price suddenly drops. All they have to do is pay off the interest rate every month and they are good to go.

Through this review and coming from my own personal experience, now you know BlockFi is really a safe investment method that allows you to gain profit in the long term period as it has been designed by former Goldman Sachs employees who have decades worth of experience in this industry. If you want to earn some money with investing into crypto without worrying about your funds’ safety, using BlockFi is definitely the way to go!

If you already have some experience with investing into cryptocurrency and want to make more money – just open an account with BlockFi! They’ll help you invest your money into the cryptocurrency market, but they will also ensure that you will get your loan back in time with all profits included.

But if you still do not have any experience investing and want to slowly start making more profit from cryptocurrencies, just open an account with a basic package and then invest as much as you can when the market gets better!

BlockFi is legit, fair, transparent and reliable!

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