Do you classify yourself as an introvert who aspires to get started blogging? Here are some useful tips on how to start blogging for introverts.

The world perceives them as anti-social, lonely, shy and unfriendly. But in truth, being an introvert is their best asset. They get their strength from spending time alone, preferring quality over quantity when it comes to dealing with people in their lives. And being alone make them feel animated and revitalized that is why blogging for introverts is the excellent job for them.

Blogging for introverts is so perfect for some reasons. It requires little conversations with other people which give them hours to spend in polishing their content. Creativity starts with imagination and introverts have this passionate inner world to incessantly use their never-ending imagination. And because they prefer to spend time alone, they are great thinkers and you can’t be a good writer if you are not a good thinker.

In this evolving world of ours, one does not have to be a social butterfly in order to be successful. In fact most of the lucrative bloggers of today like Arriana Huffington ( are staunch introverts. All you need to do is to have a marvelous writing skill and a good plan of action. Blogging for introverts is an absolute career path since you love peace and quiet while crafting content and earning money, so let’s look at the qualities that give you the edge in establishing your credibility.

Set of Skills

Blogging for introverts can be a lucrative career but you need to have special skills if you want to strike a deal. Always create a fresh and engrossing article, well, lots of it. If you write contents for somebody, you must respect strict deadlines and deal cordially with the feedbacks from editors. Break your articles into subheads using short paragraphs.

No matter what the topic, blogging for introverts is all about telling a story. So to keep your followers absorbed, you must have some storytelling skills. Think of ways to come up with an engaging content, something that stands out. Maybe it helps when you do some reading stuff because it helps you think more creatively and come up with new ideas out from reading.

In blogging for introverts, grammar and spelling skills are also vital. There is a very hands-on tool called Grammarly that can be of help in that concern, it makes sure that everything you write is not just5 correct but readable. As much as possible do not execute grammatical and spelling mistakes and use punctuations if needed. You cannot set up a profitable blog if you can’t come up with an attractive and unique content.

A Powerful Prologue to Catch Viewers’ Attention

These days when everybody is busy, people barely find a time to read on long articles. They just scroll down through the page, taking notice only to what stirs their curiosity. In blogging for introverts, a click bait introduction is needed to grab viewers’ attention and keep them hooked into reading until the last sentence.

Perhaps one way to catch your followers’ attention is the use of a question in the first sentence then to be followed by an answer in the preceding sentences. Sometimes using a quote as an introduction is another way to trap your readers’ attention and elucidate what that quote conveys through the rest of the article. Maybe you can also try retelling a success story to stimulate the interests of your viewers. When it comes to blogging for introverts, it’s a good thing also to start a summary of the article then give details of it in the succeeding paragraphs.

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Social Media and Driving Traffic

One of the ways to be successful in blogging for introverts is to promote your work with different social media platforms. Your blog must have an online presence in order to get more attention. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are some of the best social media platforms to use in promoting your article. While it is not “rocket science” as they say, sharing your blog across social media will boost your hard work.

When it comes to blogging for introverts, an effective promotion does not come just by simply “airing” the same message on each platform. You have to foster your message to fit each social media network and audience. For instance, promoting your new article with your Facebook friends is different from the way you showcase it with your business contacts in LinkedIn. The same holds true with Twitter and Pinterest, you’re restricted with only 140 characters in Twitter so your post should be precise and simple. Your image is the major process to draw traffic at Pinterest so each platform offers varied options for promoting your article.

Making a Great Content

Blogging for introverts is more than writing a superb article then post it on the web for people to read. The most important thing is the “personal” interaction between you and your readers. Keep in mind that your relationship with your followers is integral in blogging. While it may appear as a one-way connection, in actuality it is not as the comments from your audience engage the door of conversation with you, thus making them a part of your blog.

Always be consistent in your content. As soon as you have figured out what engages your followers, keep doing it since this is one way to stand out in blogging for introverts. You have to figure out what your readers want from your article before writing by making use of keyword research. Make sure that also that they learn something of great importance once they read your article because it is likely that they will share it to other readers and come back to your site again.

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Many people have misconceptions regarding introverts but they are in their best element when they are alone hence blogging for introverts is a good task for them. While you are not comfortable in expressing your ideas in public, you can do so online. It will not only let you give the freedom to express what inside your mind but it will boost your confidence as well. As an introvert there may be some issues to deal with in the outside world but nothing matters when you’re online.

Blogging for introverts open your world to fresh ideas and views, you will have the chance to speak your mind freely. You can express what’s lurking in your head without the pressure of being engaged in a public discussion. There are many ways to interact with people and writing articles is one way to inspire and change the world. It is your instrument to relay your message out there where speaking vis-à-vis is not possible.

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