Some celebrities live a little on the wild side: some live a LOT on the wild side. In fact, from time to time we're surprised that some celebritites aren't in jail yet. Come to think of it, we're surprised some of them are still alive and kicking, whether because they're getting old, or because their lifestyle isn't one for longevity! Today, we're talking about eleven celebrities that people are surprised aren’t in jail or “at rest” yet. Let us know if you agree in the comments!

1. Ozzy Osborne

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If you’re currently in your 40s or 50s, then it’s impossible not to know Ozzy. Born on December 3, 1948, the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath is now in his 70s and is still kicking. People admire him not just for his talent but also for his long-lived life, despite heavy substance use.

One person said, “Ozzy Osbourne. I'm truly surprised he lived this long.”

Another commenter replied, “There is literally a team of Cambridge doctors who are investigating how Ozzy is still alive. They’ve made arrangements with him to dissect and study his body after death.”

One Redditor added, “His DNA has been studied as well. I believe they found a never-before identified mutation that may have helped him live through all the alcohol and [substances].”

2. Keith Richards

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Keith Richards is a founding member, guitarist, backup singer, and co-writer of many songs for the Rolling Stones. Like Ozzy, many people also wonder how Keith Richards has lived this long.

“Every cigarette you smoke takes five minutes from your life and gives it to Keith Richards,” one person stated jokingly.

“I still hear Robin Williams’ Live on Broadway when I think of Keith Richards. ‘I know one day we will all be dead and gone and it’ll be Keith Richards with five cockroaches,’” another user replied.

One commenter added, “People have been joking about Keith Richards dying for the past 40 years, and the entire time he’s just been flipping them off while chain smoking. Bless that man.”

3. Willie Nelson

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Willie Hugh Nelson is a very accomplished person, not just in music but in other aspects as well. Nelson is still leading his life at the age of 89, and many of his fans have admired this. One person said, “I was 12 when I first saw Willie Nelson in Dukes of Hazard and he was old then. I’m almost 30 and the guy is still going.” The second person replied, “I was born in 1977. I grew up watching him on TV, and listening to his music. He's been 63, since 1984. Willie Nelson is a vampire.”

4. Dick Van Dyke

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No one can argue with Dick Van Dyke’s talent for acting and entertaining his audience with his comedy. Apart from that, Dyke is also the recipient of many awards, including an Emmy, a Golden Globe, a Grammy, and many more.

One person said, “Holy crap! I just looked up Dick van Dyke and not only is he 97 years old, he was on The Masked Singer just yesterday! That's impressive.”

Another Redditor replied, “They apparently had several dances lined up for his role in the new Marry Poppins and he chose the hardest one because the rest were too easy for him.”

Another commenter added, “97, but still very impressive nonetheless!”

5. Andy Dick

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Andy Dick is an American actor, musician, film producer, and comedian. Dick is notorious for being involved personal assaults, and some Redditors are surprised that he isn’t in jail yet.

“Turkey Tom on YouTube did a good video about him that showed me he’s a lot [more terrible] of a person than I realized as a kid,” one Redditor said.

“Even if you just read his wiki page… there is literally an entire section about his [assaults on women]. The guy is terrifyingly prolific,” another person replied.

6. Ezra Miller

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The American actor Ezra Miller is known for his role as “The Flash.” While he might be a talented actor, something just didn’t fit right regarding his past actions, including arrests.

One person stated, “​​And somehow Warner Brothers chose them over the dozens of actually good things they worked on.”

Another commenter replied, “Authorities have definitely been paid off by Hollywood to keep him out of prison. I knew this the second I heard they were actually keeping him for the flash movie.”

One user added, “He was big news in Hawai'i for a long time. Kept coming back and doing worse. I'm honestly surprised some local braddah didn't take matters into their own hands.”

7. Henry Kissinger

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At 99, Henry Kissinger is still living his best life and doing things he wants.

One person said, “Satan doesn't want him yet because he might take over hell.”

Another commenter added, “As I was growing up I always thought the hate sent his way was excessive. Then I learned about what he had done and his reasons for doing it. The fact that he not only walks free but is celebrated is a massive indictment of our current systems.”

One user added, “I'm surprised he's still alive. I'm also surprised he's not in prison with the vast amount of war crimes and atrocities he's responsible for in other countries.”

8. Chris Brown

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“He’s banned from entering Canada because of what he did to Rihanna. Thank god. We don’t want him here,” one person stated.

“Had to scroll to far down to find this. How is he not at least ‘cancelled,’ at the very least?” another Redditor replied.

One Redditor said, “He should be. Society was very light on him after what he did to Rhianna. He is one of the few who got a second chance. 15 yrs later he has learned nothing and is as dangerous as he always was.”

9. Nikocado Avocado

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Nicholas Perry, aka Nikocado Avocado by his stage name, is a YouTube star popular for his mukbang videos, which have already garnered around 1.8 billion total views across his multiple channels.

One Redditor stated, “Going with a youtube ‘celebrity,’ but Nikocado Avocado, that dude is literally going to eat himself to death.”

Another person replied, “My god, his before photo vs now is jarring. Why would someone do that to themselves.”

One commenter said, “The guy sold his health for money. His ‘fans’ are people with a feeder fetish who pay to see videos of his jiggling his stomach and he has an onlyfans.”

10. Bam Margera

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Brandon “Bam” Margera is an American professional skateboarder, filmmaker, and stunt performer. In the early 2000s, he became well-known as the main character on the MTV reality stunt shows Jackass and its sequels. However, recent news about him just made people concerned about his life.

One person said, “I have been his fan for most of my life, but last night, I unfollowed and blocked him on all social media. Loved the guy, but I just can't stand to watch him continue to destroy himself and lay blame everywhere else. I just want to keep that image of him young, relatively healthy and making me laugh in my head.”

11. Nikki Sixx

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Nikki Sixx is the main songwriter of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, which was formed in 1981.

One person said, “Technically, he’s died at least once. He overdosed at his [substance] dealer’s place, and they put his body out by the trash. He woke up a little later, drove home, and did more [substance].”

Another user said, “The fact he survived that OD is still insane to me.”

One commenter replied, “I'm pretty sure he got cleaned up over a decade ago. Even wrote a book about it that got adapted into a pretty awesome rock song.”


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