Need Money? 20 Useless Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

Past due your rent? Can’t keep up with your other bills? There are a bunch of jobs that feel completely useless that, nevertheless, pay pretty well. Let’s get right to it!

1. IT Strategist

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Somebody stated, “Mine. IT strategist. I explain to executives that many of their current problems are the result of not listening to my previous advice. Then I give them fresh, new advice that they will ignore. Rinse and repeat.”

Another person replied with an interesting experience from their company, “Have you been sitting in on my Business Intelligence updates to my directors? 7 years now, I’ve been laying out the problems. I actually had one director recently ask me why we weren’t doing an activity. I had to remind them that 7 years ago, I asked their permission to progress that activity, and they said no. 7 wasted years.”

2. Server Monitor

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“One of my buddies just sits in a server room, and sometimes a server starts to beep because it turned off. He goes and pushes the button to turn it back on, and goes back to playing video games,” said one.

“I found my dream job,” replied another.

3. Real Estate Agent

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Somebody stated, “Real Estate Agents. Especially for multi-million dollar homes. A lawyer can write up the contract and have both people sign, and you won’t pay 3-6% for it.”

The second person replied, “I’m a real estate agent and agree.”

Finally, the third added, “Real Estate brokerages are essentially a pyramid scheme with licenses that they aggressively lobbied to justify their own existence. After the split, then the split with their broker, the agent will only see like 1.5% of that before taxes, lol.”

4. Senior Project Manager

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One Redditor commented, “I’m a senior project manager for the largest renewables company in the USA, and I have to tell you, I do maybe like 10 real work hours a week I hate my job, and the people I work with, but, I got handcuffs for 3 years, (paid for me to move to SF, and monster signing bonus). I make less than 200 and more than 150, have pretty much zero responsibility for anything that goes wrong or well. Directors take the fall at a company of this size.”

The second person replied, “This has been my experience as a project manager as well. The pay is decent. However, my only real work is leading weekly meetings, and sending the minutes. So yeah, 10 real work hours over a week.”

5. Car Dealer

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Somebody stated, “Car dealerships. They’re basically an artificial choke point between you and the company that actually makes the product you want. God knows Elon Musk is ‘problematic’ in a lot of ways, but I fully support his vision to make direct-to-customer sales the industry standard.”

Then another one replied, “Also, guaranteed that the [most terrible] local politician in your area is bankrolled by your local car dealership. Guaranteed.”

6. Turn Signal Installer

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One person said, “BMW turn signal installer.”

The second person replied, “I’m pretty sure they stopped putting those in BMWs years ago no?”

Then the third added, “You can get them as an upgrade. I like to pay more to have them and still not use them.”

7. Influencer

Being on TikTok/Tiktok influencers
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“Not just useless, but harmful as well,” shared somebody.

“Especially the ones that do those Shein hauls. They are supporting and talking up a shady company. And the worst part is that all the stuff they bought went right in the garbage after the video,” the second person replied.

Finally, the third added, “Can’t believe this is considered as a job. I see them as attention-seeking famewhores whose life is so pointless so they wanna seek validation from strangers online. Like, they don’t even have pride anymore. They do everything for content, and honestly, the words ‘influencers’ and ‘content creators’ have become so repulsive.”

8. Manager

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One Reddit user said, “Manager. I feel like I’m getting paid too much for what I do. My team members work a lot harder and get paid less.”

Somebody replied, “Don’t undersell how many of us don’t want to or bad at dealing with other humans. My manager did all the meetings, and his manager was the one who would do the painful social interaction work of getting other teams to coordinate with us. Not skills I have, and the job would have been nightmare fuel for me. Even if you’re a manager of, like, a fast food joint, your peeps don’t want to do paperwork and scheduling and the like.”

9. Whatever the Kardashians Do

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Somebody shared, “What is it that the Kardashians do? You cannot convince me that it’s not pointless.”

The second person replied, “They play the tabloids. First, she dates some NBA star then releases a s-x tape, whines about the s-x tape until TMZ picks it up, make it as ugly as she can, then leak promiscuous photo shoots til she’s big enough for someone to give her own show. MTV does that, and then the rest is history.”

10. Voiceover

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One person stated, “I mean, I moan on a microphone just so that some drawings of naked people can have a voice. How is that useful to society? I have no idea, do I like my job? F–k yes, I make more than two times the salary of my high school teachers who told me that leaving school was a bad idea.”

“Eh, that’s still more useful to society than middle management is,” replied another.

12. Human Resources

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One person said, “Most HR positions. I feel as though many corporations could eliminate 90% of their HR department, and the only noticeable difference would be a reduction in pointless emails.”

Then somebody disagreed, “I work in an organization of thousands of employees. Over the years, they’ve massively scaled back HR in a cost-saving exercise and I tell you what the whole place feels like it’s falling apart. HR does a lot more than you might realize.”

13. Comedic House Hunter Jobs

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“Well, if you ever watch House Hunters, you’ll see couples who have jobs like a Butterfly Therapist and a Used Spoon Trader who say their budget is like $1.3 million,” said one.

“Those people are usually old money rich kids who made up a career to fill their time. That budget doesn’t come from their jobs,” added another.

14. Tech Support

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One person shared, “70% of tech jobs are useless and pay a lot, although the industries bleeding atm so maybe less true as time goes on.”

Somebody replied, “You’d be shocked at how much the modern world relies on tech.”

Then the original commenter replied to clarify his point, “Oh, I know, I’ve worked in IT or software since I was 18. That’s how I know how useless most of it is. Big tech is too big and grows too fast, it’s often impossible for them to keep proper track internally. I’ve seen many teams that were never considered in a migration and sat for months with no work to do, teams that work on projects nobody uses or won’t ever be released, seen ops teams (including my own) where the job can be so well automated you end up working only a couple hours/day and even when you slack off—simply nobody notices or cares. I actually hate it, it’s a big reason I’m trying to leave big tech, lack of interesting work and can’t make a meaningful contribution—sometimes even if you really try.”

15. Life Coaches

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Somebody shared, “Life coaches. Now, not all of them technically make a lot of money, but a friend of a friend is a ‘life coach’ and she literally just reposts motivational quotes and pictures of herself on a beach somewhere exotic. Whatever she gets paid, it lets her keep a cushy apartment in NYC and travel abroad several times a year.”

16. CEO

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“I’ve been scrolling for a while, and there are lots of good answers here, but I have to say CEO. Every experience I have with them makes me convinced that companies function in spite of CEOs, not because of them,” shared somebody.

17. Administrative Assistant

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One Reddit user expressed, “Administrative assistant. I did that during the pandemic since my usual job laid me off for all work sites shutting down. I was busy for all of 2 hrs of an 8 hr a day. Spent the rest of the day browsing the internet and shopping online. Lol.”

18. Valet

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Somebody stated, “Valet. 100% luxury service that absolutely no one really needs done for them. There are places where the valets make 6 figures for a job that requires zero skills, and about an hour of training.”

19. University Vice Presidents

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“University vice presidents and similar high level officials. Their jobs are to provide signatures on documents that usually have six prior signatures, only one or two of which are actually needed,” commented somebody.

20. Professional Athletes

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One person said, “Professional athletes in Entertainment leagues like NBA, NHL, NFL, PGA, MLB. I love competitive professional sports, but athletes shouldn’t be making millions of dollars while teachers are using the food bank.” 

Which of these jobs do you want to try the most? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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