What Just Happened? 17 of the Most Surprising Movie Endings

Most good movies have to work pretty hard to keep us guessing until the very end, but from time to time we encounter one that really catches us off guard. Whether the ending was a plot twist, or just ambiguous and leaves the final conclusion up to the viewer, some endings are just unbelievable. Here are 17 movie endings that totally shocked Redditors.

1. The Mist (2007)

Photo Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Somebody said, “I was totally thrown as I was expecting it to end the same as the short story.”

Another person replied, “King said it’s one of his biggest regrets that he didn’t come up with that ending on his own. I also liked the comment of somebody describing the film was rather meh, but the ending was brilliant: ‘I don’t know what film that ending belongs to, but I really wanna watch it.’”

Then the third added, “Holy f, I’ve never found the answer I was looking for faster than this. That ending was one of those things where I was like ‘Now that’s just stupid, what a dumb movie’ and then a few years later I’m like ‘ man, that’s the darkest most twisted ending I’ve ever seen and I love it.’”

2. Abducted in Plain Sight (2017)

Photo Credit: Netflix

“Documentary called Abducted in Plain Sight. My husband and I were saying what through this whole show,” shared one.

“Dang, I watched all of this just now after reading this, a whole lot of what happened moments, B is a monster,” replied another.

3. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

One Redditor shared, “10 Cloverfield Lane. I was expecting something completely different.” The second person replied, “My wife and most of my friends strongly disagree with me, but I would have rated that movie near the top of my list had it ended when Michelle opened the hatch.”

Another one explained, “Funnily enough, 10 Cloverfield Lane was never meant to be a Cloverfield movie, but the script was bought by Paramount to rename their movie with Cloverfield in the name and change the ending. It’s why it feels so out of place. The original script had nothing to do with aliens and was called ‘The Cellar.’”

4. Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Photo Credit: Significant Productions.

“Pretty sure, Sorry To Bother You takes the cake for going in a whole new direction I never saw coming and making me go WHAT,” shared one.

“HOLY S. My friend told me we were going to a movie about a guy working in a call center and his struggles….I was NOT prepared,” the second person replied.

5. From Dusk ‘Til Dawn (1996)

Photo Credit: Miramax

One person commented, “From Dusk ’til Dawn. ‘Wait, rewind that…. was that a vampire? What just happened?’”

The second person replied, “Some friends put this on after a few beers. ‘Oh cool, a Tarantino movie,’ I thought. That was all I knew going into it, and the first act was pretty standard fare. I won’t spoil it but I literally yelled, ‘WHAT THE F!? at the TV when the second act started.

6. Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Photo Credit: Searchlight Pictures

Somebody stated, “Little Miss Sunshine. I did not expect that dance routine.”

The second person replied, “That was the best part! I can say that the movie was not at all what I was expecting. I didn’t even want to watch it, but my ex-girlfriend bought it for us. I was laughing all through it. And when she said, ‘I dedicate this to my grandpa,’ and the lady asked, ‘And where is he?’ And she answered, ‘In the trunk of our car.’ And then started dancing… I lost it! That was such a good ending!”

Finally, the third added, “As someone who at the time wasn’t familiar with these pageants, the entire third act was one big case of What the F. The most disturbing thing is that these depraved events are incredibly, incredibly real.”

7. Saw (2004)

Photo Credit: Lions Gate Films

“Saw I. I didn’t expect the whole twist when I first saw it,” said one. “Saw’s ending was so good. Pacing and screenplay for that final scene were perfect, and it had me gaping at the screen. EDIT: I have been reminded of just how much the music pulls it all together. It is indeed so incredibly hyped in a way that has a massive effect without even trying hard,” replied another.

Then the third added, “Saw is honestly a good movie.”

8. The Prestige (2006)

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

One person said, “My favorite part of my first experience with watching The Prestige was surprising David Bowie as Nikola Tesla. I was like, ‘Wait, holy man that’s DAVID BOWIE.’”

Another person replied, “Yeah. That game of one-ups-manship got so out of hand so fast, and the ethical and existential questions of it are so bananas!”

9. The Sixth Sense (1999)

Image Credit: Hollywood Home Pictures Hoem Videos

One Redditor shared, “The ending of The Sixth Sense where you realize the truth about the main character, is definitely a mind-blowing twist.”

Then somebody replied, “I was a kid when I watched this, and was super pumped when I heard there was a big twist at the end. However, when the end actually came, the twist was revealed in a far more visual, unspoken manner, so my idiot child brain didn’t understand it and my mom had to explain it to me… I’m still so mad about it; I wish I waited until I was just a little bit older to watch it so I could experience that ‘holy s moment that everyone else got to experience.

10. Se7en (1995)

Image Credit: New Line Cinema

Somebody commented, “What’s in the boxxxxxxxxxxxxx.”

The second person replied, “My local comic and gaming store sometimes posts to their FB pages unopened boxes of new deliveries. I got in the habit of replying with screencaps from the ending scene of Se7en. They haven’t made one of those posts in a while.”

Finally, the third added, “I still remember the dead silence in the theatre when it ended.”

11. Oldboy (2003)

Photo Credit: Show East

“That movie’s ending is both amazing and one of the weirdest I’ve seen. The whole last part of that movie is like… hooooly s-,” said one.

“Omg…yes. I remember turning off my TV and just staring at the black screen trying to process this movie,” replied another.

Then another one added, “Yeah, that ending was kinda… dark.”

12. Primal Fear (1996)

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

“My brother and I were young adults, watching this movie in the basement at our parents’ house. We ran upstairs when it was over as if a demonstration was chasing us because we were so freaked out,” somebody shared their experience of the movie.

“This is the best answer. The acting skills of Edward Norton absolutely blew me away. He played that character so well. I was 17 when I first saw it, and I credit it as the movie that got me to see film as art,” another person replied.

13. The Usual Suspects (1995)

Photo Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

Somebody shared, “The Usual Suspects (1995). I wasn’t spoiled before watching it.”

The second person replied, “Someone told me beforehand, ‘I won’t tell you the twist, but it’s not who you expect it to be’. So yeah, after that basically knew who it was from the start. F-ers.”

Then the third added, “Yeah I had just broken up with someone and was feeling kind of down. Decided to take a walk through the arty part of town and saw the poster for this in a local independent theater. Thought it looked cool and decided to go to the movie by myself. One of my best movie theater experiences ever.”

14. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

One person said, “Biggest cop out ever.”

Another one replied, “From what I understand there was a big battle scene planned, but they ran out of money.”

Somebody added, “I remember sitting there watching the black screen for about 5 minutes before I realized it had actually ended.”

15. Perfume: The Story of a Murder (2006)

Image Credit: DreamWorks.

“Perfume: The story of a murderer. I watched it out of curiosity, Alan Rickman and Dustin Hoffman are in it so I figured it’d be worth watching. I won’t spoil it, but it’s just so far out there that I literally said, ‘What the actual f- did I just watch?’ when it ended.”

16. Gone Girl (2014)

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

Somebody stated, “Man, that movie is actually so good. I feel like that was during a weird Ben Affleck hate era, but the man’s a way better actor than I think people gave him credit for.”

Another one replied, “Rosamund Pike still creeps me out because of this movie.”

17. Shutter Island (2010)

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

One Redditor said, “This is my favorite film, I was quite young when I first watched it, and it blew my mind! And I love showing it to people who have never seen it, and you realize so much more every time you watch it.”

Then somebody replied, “I still maintain he actually wasn’t crazy, and that they kept him there on purpose. I forget what Leo says at the very end, but I always feel like he’s saying, ‘y’all are keeping me here, and there’s nothing I can do about it, so I’m playing along.’ Maybe I just want it to be that since it was such an obvious twist.”

Which of these movies really get you scratching your head? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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