15 Crazy Things People Believed when They were Kids

When we’re kids, the line between imagination and reality can be blurry sometimes. There tend to be a lot of things we believe which aren't actually true, or weren't true in the way we expected. For example, we thought that the moon was following us, since we could see it while we traveled, even though other things passed out of sight. We asked our friends on Reddit to tell us the funny things they believed as kids: let's see what they had to say!

1. Cats were Females, Dogs were Males

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One user commented, “I thought cats were females and dogs were males, and that they would create babies together—depending on the gender, it would either be a [cat or a dog].” 

The second person replied, “This is the first thing I thought of! Family Guy even had a joke about it.”

Well, cartoons portrayed this situation at some point, so maybe that's where these kids get the assumption from!

2. Key to the City

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“You know the TV shows/movies where someone would do something great and they would get a symbolic key to the city? Well as I kid, I used to think that that key could open any door within the city limits,” shared one person.

“Same, I always wondered how the giant key is supposed to fit into the tiny keyholes,” someone replied.

“I… haven't actually addressed this since I heard it as a kid. I, too, believed this,” another Redditor added.

3. Gum from God

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One person stated, “I once found gum in a leaf. I thought it was from God or something haha so I ate the gum. Then I realized that it was someone's chewed gum haha.”

Another person replied, “Lmao.”

4. Adults Know Everything

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“I thought that adults knew what they were doing,” someone shared.

“I made sure my daughter knew I didn't always, so if she had information I didn't have she'd speak up,” the second person replied.

“Same,” another added in agreement.

5. Swallowing Seeds would Grow Plants

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One person said, “That if I swallowed a watermelon seed, a watermelon would grow inside my stomach.”

Someone replied, “We were told that about apple seeds.”

Another Redditor added, “52M, still have a seed phobia. Married for almost 20 years and my wife only recently noticed that I inspect every orange slice before eating it. (It's more about choking or intestinal blockage than about growing trees in my belly).”

6. No Outlet meant No Electricity

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Someone commented, “You know those signs at the beginning of dead end roads that say ‘No Outlet'? Well, I thought those people had no wall outlets, and I felt bad that they had to live by candlelight.”

The second person replied, “Whereabouts? Ours say ‘No Exit.'”

Another user replied, “United States.”

7. Chocolate Milk from Brown Cows

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“My dad and I were driving past a field of brown cows when I was a toddler. I asked him: ‘Is that where chocolate milk comes from!?' He said yes, and I believed it until second grade or something like that lol,” one user shared.

“Strawberry milk comes from strawberry cows!” someone replied, jokingly.

8. Red clothes Attract Lightning

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We’ve all heard that red clothes attract the bull, but haven’t with lightning.

“That red clothes attract lightning. It was a rainy afternoon with thunderstorms, I was like 7 or 8, this was after school. I have little red patch in my pants just below my knee. So I walked home with my right hand clutching the red patch on my knee and my left hand holding the umbrella LOL,” one person said.

9. Having a Life Schedule

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One person commented, “I truly believed I’d be married with a husband, have a career, house, and starting on kids by 23. I have no idea why I believed so hard at a young age hahaha.”

A second person replied, “I don’t know your age but I’m 30 and this was definitely a normal age to do those things when I was a child. Now I realize that would never have worked well for me but in the south, it’s still really common!”

10. Lawyers were Tailors

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“I thought lawyers worked at the sewing store. Because that's where you sew people,” one person shared.

“That’s weird. Do you pronounce it ‘sue' instead of ‘so' still?” someone asked.

“Haha no not since I was 9,” the first user replied.

11. What Happened to your Pet when it Died

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One pet lover shared, “My parents told me the vet liked my cat so much that he kept it for himself. At 18 I found out the cat died.”

A second person replied, “Yea, they stole your cat.”

Then the original user replied, “ I was pretty mad at my parents for letting them have it!!”

12. Cats can’t chew hard things

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“I also thought cats can't chew hard things. I just thought cats can drink milk and eat that soft canned cat food,” one person stated.

13. Singing the Wrong Lyrics

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One user commented, “I thought the lyrics to AC/DC's Dirty Deeds were ‘Dirty Deeds and the Thunder Chief.’”

The second person replied, “Me, too!!! I thought it was about Wounded Knee.”

Another Redditor asked, “How about Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep?”

One user added, “My brother thought it was thunder jeep lol.”

The correct lyrics to AC/DC’s song were “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” released in 1976.

14. All Remotes had Names

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“My dad named our remote control ‘Gerald.’ I thought ALL remote controls were ‘geralds.’ Didn’t realize it was a name. One time while at my friend’s house, I asked where the ‘gerald’ was. Learned something new that day,” one person commented.

15. Magical Animals

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One person shared, “My parents used to say that if I misbehaved, the fox will come and kidnap me. There was forest nearby and I truly believed there was some evil foxes living there. Other thing they used to tell me that on Christmas, even animals can talk and water in well turns into wine. But just after midnight and for a short time. Always tried to stay awake long enough and get some chat with cat lol.”

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