7 Easiest Jobs to Get that You’ll Actually Enjoy

It’s not enough to find an easy job or one that is easy to get, the trick is to find one that you actually enjoy doing

There are lots of easy jobs to get. I’ve had more than a few and researching for this article reminded me just how awful some easy jobs can be.

Wages are crap. Working conditions are crap. You have to work non-stop through your shift.

Yeah, you might be able to get a job working the counter at McDonald’s but how happy are you going to be doing it? I’m not knocking anyone that works at McDonald’s. It’s a job and sometimes that’s more important than finding a job you enjoy.

But you don’t need to read an article about how to get easy jobs you don’t like.

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you want a little more. You want a job that’s easy to get AND one that you enjoy…and making good money wouldn’t hurt either.

You want a job that pays well, maybe in an office setting and that gives you the freedom to relax a little every hour or two of work.

Those jobs do exist!

Easiest Jobs to Get with No Education Required

I came in late to the work-from-home, freelancing gig but am constantly surprised by the opportunity. It amazes me how many jobs are out there you can get with no education requirements and how much money you can make.

There are some skills you’ll need to be successful but they are things you can learn as you go. These jobs aren’t only easy to get but have a lot of other great benefits including:

  • No barriers to entry. Anyone can start working in these jobs. You don’t need a specific level of education or a connection with a hiring manager.
  • You control your own work. You control the pace of work and what you do. There’s nobody standing over you to tell you what to do and when to do it.
  • Insanely high earnings potential. I’m averaging just over $5,500 a month this year and that’s in just three years of some of the jobs below. I know others making tens of thousands a month. The money is there.
  • Part-time or Full-time, it’s your choice. These jobs can be started as a side-gig with just five or ten hours a week until they start making enough to pay the bills.

Blogging doesn’t sound like a job…but you can make a lot of money. I prefer the term internet property developer. Think about it. Running your own website is like the digital age’s version of a real estate developer. You take a piece of the internet and build it into a place that’s useful to visitors.

It costs almost nothing to start a website, just a hosting account and some time to set up the pages. With tools like WordPress and plugins, you need absolutely zero tech experience to run a website.

What other jobs are as easy to get and can double your income each year? I’ve made almost $82,000 on my blogs in the 28 months since starting blogging with $39,599 of that just in the seven months of 2017.

blogging is the easiest job to get
Blogging is the Easiest Job to Get without a Degree

Blogging is the easiest job to get and can be one of the most profitable. You’re building a website around a topic you enjoy and you control your work. There are some downsides to blogging like irregular income and it can be a solitary job so look for blogging groups to connect with others.

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Self-publishing is my favorite passive income strategy and another job with no barriers to entry. Self-publishing involves none of the frustration in traditional publishing, begging a publisher to look at your book and then waiting months for their process. You can publish a new book every few months and start making money instantly.

You don’t have to be Stephen King to be successful as a writer. I’ve posted quite a few articles about my experience and how to get started self-publishing. It’s as easy as finding something you know about and doing some reading to fill in the gaps, then start writing.

I’ve been self-publishing since March 2015 and now have 10 books published. Each book makes an average of $195 per month with almost no work to keep sales coming in. You do need to promote your books for the launch to get them selling on Amazon but after that, it’s an extremely passive income source with almost no work involved.

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easy jobs self publishing
Easy Jobs to Get – Self Publishing

Amazon FBA is one of the newest work-from-home strategies but has an immense upside potential. I haven’t tried it myself but have interviewed several Amazon FBA entrepreneurs making over $10,000 a month.

There are two strategies using Amazon FBA, a reselling strategy where you buy discounted items and then resell online and an independent retailer strategy. As an independent retailer, you have your own brand and control your own retail company. The best part is the process of outsourcing your manufacturing and logistics means the whole company can be easily run by one person.

There is a downside to these jobs that require no education or degree. As your own boss, you need to discipline yourself to get the work done or you won’t make any money. Your monthly income will be sporadic, especially at first. You’ll make more money than expected in some months and less in others so you need to budget your spending to save money for when you need it.

These work-from-home jobs are truly the future of work. Companies are realizing they can hire freelancers for a little more and not have to worry about all the payroll nightmares that come with a full-time staff.

My suggestion, even if you’re fine with a traditional job, start building your work-from-home side business just in case you need it in the future.

Easy Jobs to Get with a High School Diploma

There are still some easy jobs you can get with a high school diploma or a two-year associate’s degree.

Bartender was one of my favorite jobs when I was younger. I tended bar twice a week off-base while I was in the Marine Corps and had the time of my life. There’s a big difference between bartending in a busy club and working in a slower-paced bar so you’ll need to figure out which you prefer.

easiest jobs to get to make money

You can easily make between $12 and $25 an hour as a bartender when including tips and some make much more. You’ll need to learn how to make the drinks but that takes only a couple of months with on-the-job training.

Web Designer might require an associate’s degree to work for a traditional company but you can easily start your own web design services as a freelancer and then use that experience to get a traditional job.

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Growth in the internet means web designers are always in demand and you can make between $36,000 to $120,000 a year.

Medical assistant is one of the fastest-growing jobs in the medical field and the aging population means job security. There are certificate programs at most local community colleges and often jobs waiting for new graduates.

You’ll be working in a doctor’s office helping the nurses and patients. It’s mostly paperwork and filing but pays better than other office clerk jobs. You can make from $23,000 to $45,000 a year according to the Department of Labor.

Personal Trainer can be one of the easiest jobs to get if you know someone already working at a fitness club. If you can show you know your stuff, you might be able to get a job without formal education. Otherwise, you’ll need to complete a certificate program or an associate’s degree. Some fitness centers even have their own program to educate and train new hires.

Trainers just starting out don’t make much but the median annual salary is over $40,000 with the top 10% making $70k and over. As jobs go, it’s an easy environment and relaxed job. You’ll show people how to do the exercises and help record their progress. If you’ve ever exercised with a friend, it’s a lot like that.

The problem with these easy jobs is that your future is often limited. You might be able to move up one or two positions in the company but you will eventually reach that limit where you need a degree to go any further.

Gone are the days when someone can work their way up from the bottom of the company to the executive office. Corporate rules are so strict now that HR isn’t willing to budge on educational requirements for positions.

Finally, understand that just because a job is easy to get and somewhat enjoyable doesn’t mean you’re always going to love it. I love working at home and seeing my businesses grow but that doesn’t mean I jump out of bed every morning ecstatic to do it.

Even rock superstars don’t like their job sometimes. Find a job you enjoy most of the time and you’ll be happy, even when you don’t want to work.

What I wrote here are just few of the fast, easily accessible and affordable ways to get started as your own boss. There are plenty of opportunities in doing freelance work, I tell you, and you can actually give yourself enough time at the process. You can start from little projects first, until you can take on bigger ones. Working from home is a rapidly growing community and is a massive area for freedom that's not usual in the office workplace.

These easy jobs can be a fast and affordable way to get started working as your own boss, often from the comfort of home. There are numerous advantages to freelance work. There’s no single path to woking these jobs successfully overnight so feel free to try out different ideas. Transition into your freelancing lifestyle with a couple of projects first until you build a client base that will pay you more to do less. The work from home economy is growing and a great opportunity for anyone looking for a change from the hassle stressful office set up workplace. Additionally, when you can pick and choose what you do and when you do it, as well as what you're paid and who you work with, you feel more balanced and happy in your life. Although taking these jobs has its own pros and cons, know that it always depends on you.

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